Some folks don't just get it when we whine about the prevalence of unscrupulous property agents and property scams in Nigeria and the need for one to 'shine his/eyes well well' before parting with his/her hard earned money in the name of renting, buying a property. One hundred Lagosians have become the latest victims of a well-orchestrated property scam. In their petition to the Inspector General of Police, EFCC et al published on Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, the victims recanted how they got duped by a 'smooth talking' property developer who absconded with a total of about ₦52 million he collected from them (the petitioners). In a petition signed by the trio of Uche Arinze, Innocent Odenga and Victor Odiete on behalf of the other petitioners, the victims allege that one Mr. Sameul Adeniyi Ogundana a.k.a Prince and his accomplice, Mr. Adetayo Olatunbosin, defrauded them of the said amount under the guise of renting them apartments at No. 8, Igbesa street, off Ashimowu Bakare Street, Itire, Lagos state.

The victims stated in their petition that the so-called estate developers subsequently exchanged the deposit slips they used in remitting money to the bank account of the 'developer' for a receipt which bears the name of the Company - Alpha Enterprises.

It dawned on the victims that they may have been scammed when they wanted to move into the apartment they paid for and could not access it. It was then that the Landlord of that property surfaced from nowhere claiming ignorant of the transactions between the 'developer' and the petitioners. The victims made frantic calls to the 'developer' but his phone was switched off.

Now the worst part of this is that typical of such incidents in Nigeria, these folks reported to the nearest police station, in this case, Itire Police station in Lagos state but it appears the case is stalled there. It is because the Itire Police station is not forthcoming that the victims now petitioned the IG of Police and other anti corruption agencies.

My gut instinct tells me it will be a herculean task for these guys to recoup their money.

Cases like this are a recurring decimal in Nigeria. It beggars belief that folks do not learn lessons from such previous incidents. I bet you, we shall hear of another similar incident in no distant time.