5. Private Security Industry - Because of the unprecedented terrorism, insecurity (kidnappings, armed robbery) challenges bedeviling Nigeria, the Security Industry (Provision of Private Guards, Sales of Security Gadgets) is a money-spinner. There is no sign that this insecurity miasma will abate anytime soon. The Private Security Industry will be a beneficiary of the increasing agitation, antagonism and bickering over the forth-coming 2015 elections. My prognostication: events may spiral out of control prior to and aftermath of the elections if it is overtly rigged or some sections of the country feel outmaneuvered.

6. Hospitality and Entertainment Industry - The demand for quality hotels, restaurants, Cinemas, Amusement Parks is far higher than its supply in Nigeria. On the area of entertainment, the past decade has witnessed an upsurge in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Many Nigerian entertainers, artistes, actor/actresses formerly based abroad have moved back to Nigeria to tap into this blossoming industry. I can bet the likes of Kenny Ogungbe, Banky W, DBanj amongst others are not regretting their relocation to Nigeria. If you are a gifted Nigerian entertainer/singer currently struggling with recession/depression or trying to carve a niche for yourself in the murky and segregated waters of Hollywood, California or any other part of the world, perhaps it is high time you think home; there is a massive audience for you. Hey, don’t go jumping into the next flight to Nigeria. Do your homework very well before you take the plunge. While you are at it, it may interest you to know that many drug dealers in the streets of Europe and America do not earn in a year, a quarter of what Tuface, PSquare, Inyanya, DBanj et al earn from a single endorsement here in Nigeria.

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