In the introductory part of this series, I drew your attention to some of the inherent challenges of doing business in Nigeria. I also gave examples of individuals that have excelled in the Nigerian Business environment. Herein are some of the fastest growing, business, investment and Career opportunities in Nigeria.

Please Keep tabs on opportunities in the following orbits:

1. Private Education (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions) - Are in an upward swing because of the wanton decay and lack of confidence in public schools. This is a long-term investment with good return on investment. A study posits that Nigerians spend as much as N1.5 trillion annually on students studying abroad. Ghana is a beneficiary of this largesse as Nigerians are said to have spent N160 billion there in 2012 alone.

2. Housing (Real estate) Sector-House prices and rent in Nigeria is high because there are more people chasing fewer apartments. If the proposal of the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is anything to go by, the real estate sector in Nigeria will be a game-changer. A revolutionary mortgage regime will boost this sector and have a spin-off effect on other moribund facets of the economy. Bad news for shylock landlords and estate agents but good news to prospective house owners and investors.

3. Student Hostels and Event Centre’s – Are money spinning ventures in Nigeria. There is a dearth of student accommodations in and around many Tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Erecting decent student accommodation preferably Self-Contain apartments near these Higher Institutions will churned-up a good return on investment. Same applies to Event Centre’s which are increasingly springing up here and there because of the ban on street (Owambe’s) parties especially in Lagos and it’s environ.

4. Mega Shopping malls, retail chains, eateries-There is a resurgence of elegant one-stop mega shopping malls, franchises, retail chains and eateries in Nigeria. It appears the Walmarts’, Argos’, Tesco’s of this world are missing out in Nigeria’s scheme of things. Trust Nigerians and their entrenched culture of 'effizy', everybody who is anybody and everybody who is nobody, wants to be seen shopping from any of the popular shopping malls/retail chains. Nigerians love brands!

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