The current article is the third in our series on personal and residential security. Here is the link for the Part I and Part II of this series. Herein we shall highlight some issues, oversight that will pose a security risk, lapse if not factored in.

The first one is a penchant for hosting private parties, events, reception inside one's premises. This is quite common in Nigeria. The unprecedented insecurity situation in Nigeria calls for caution, restraint in organising "owambes" (parties) within one's premises. The snag here is that more often than not, uninvited folks will tend to gate crash into parties. The exception is where there is adequate access control and security practitioners on ground to checkmate intending gate crashers. Even when all the guests are duly invited and armed with their IV's, there is no guarantee they will not use such occasion to spy on the hosts property or acquisitions. Common sense should let us know that it is not everyone that has come to 'celebrate' with us that is truly happy with us, some may have some ulterior motive. More often than not, items and personal belongings grow wings aftermath of hosting parties, events within homes.
If you are concerned about the prospect of your personal effects disappearing sequel to hosting a party in your premises, please consider doing it in an Event Centre which are not in short supply these days.

The second issue that may mar our personal or residential security is how well or badly we dispose refuse/waste from our homes. Please shred all sensitive documents- bank statements, identifying documents etc before you dispose them otherwise your waste bin is potentially a gateway to your bank account and to your identity being stolen by criminals posing as scavengers.
You may not take it into cognizance but the content of your waste inadvertently gives out information as to your how well you are doing. Indiscriminately leave cartons of your latest electronics, gadgets outside your home and it  suggests, advertises your latest purchases or additions. Dispose your refuse properly!

Thirdly, cases abound where criminals pose as immunization agents, fumigation or public maintenance officials in other to gain access to people's premises. Use your gut in stint, when you feel something does not add up, place a phone call to relevant authorities to confirm the genuineness or otherwise of such 'visitors'. A classic example: prior to Osama Bin Laden's house been raided in Pakistan, it was reported that plausibly American intelligence agents had access to his compound posing as immunization officials or something. This is just food for thought and should not be misconstrued as suggesting you bounce genuine officials from your residence. Perhaps it may be wise to bring your wards outside your gate, premises to have them immunized if you feel uncomfortable letting total strangers into your premises.