This is a sequel to the first leg of my essay with the same title. I am poised to flesh out the earlier article by adding more tips that will aid you to protect yourself, your loved ones and your properties/investments. A lot of times, common sense goes a long way in enhancing security and safety. Problem is, common sense is not very common. Granted there are times when security breaches are inevitable but we need to take steps not to make it an easy ride for intruders, men of the underworld.

  1. There are far-reaching consequences associated with you not securing, pass wording your Internet connection. The proliferation and penetration of technology has its good and bad side. The advent of online banking, ATM transactions etc means savvy criminals do not necessarily have to hold a gun to your head or to physical break into your home before they can take your life savings. It is a growing phenomenon. There are rampart cases of criminals infiltrating into peoples homes or the offices of  organizations through their Internet connection (wireless router) especially when these facilities lack encryption or is not password protected. Suffice it to say that a criminal gains access through your unprotected Internet connection, logs into your online banking transactions and wires money out of your account. Apart from this, it will take some bad ass solicitors and favourable forensic evidence, alibi's to exonerate you should the Internet connection in your name be inadvertently used for some shady transactions because a third party hacked into it and perpetrated the act without your knowledge. Please do encrypt, password your wireless Internet facility.
  2. Cases of blanket invitation: A research by Sainsbury's Bank in the UK indicates that one third of people inadvertently give out the information through social media that they won't be at home or they will be traveling. Do away with a tendency to update your whereabouts or when you will be traveling on social media platforms.
  3. Avoid putting valuables on a window display or very conspicuous places. This happens quite a lot. I remember an acquaintance that was in the habit of placing his phone near his window each time he comes back from work. Incidentally his window was by the roadside hence all it takes is for an intruder to pass his hand through the window and grab anything within reach.
  4. Don't play the hero if and when you come in contact with daredevil criminals. They seldom harm if you comply with their instructions. If you can, call these emergency numbers- 767 (Lagos state) or Police control room (08073777717 or 07035068242) if you are in danger or you see anything suspicious around you. As is the case in advanced countries, I think it will help to have a memorable 3-digit national emergency number that Nigerians from the nook and cranny of the country can use to contact the Security Agencies or emergency services.