Federal Government of Nigeria We wrote in one of our previous articles that arrangements are in advanced stage by the Lagos State Government to start issuing electronic C of O's to landowners in Lagos State. This step will not only make the process transparent but it will also check the fraudulent activities of unscrupulous estate agents, surveyors and the so-called omoniles. Herein are the required documents needed to obtain the electronic C of O:

  1. Submission of four (4) copies of a DULY EXECUTED DEED OF TRANSFER OF LAND. Ask for the current format of this document because it has been updated.
  2. Payment of ten thousand naira for the applicants name to be published in a Newspaper so as to avail people an opportunity to if necessary, object to the issuance of the e-c of o.
  3. Payment of seven thousand naira for a location map of where the said property is situated.
  4. Payment of N5, 500 (for a plot of land, N25, 000 and above for double C of O forms.
  5. Submission of two (2) copies of applicants passport photographs, 5cm x 5cm, on a white background.
  6. Submission of a copy of purchase receipt from seller(s) of the said land/property. This receipt must be DULY stamped, takes N10, 000 to sort this aspect out.
  7. Submission of four (4) copies of thr property's Survey Plans which must conform with prescribed requirement. A good Surveyor should be in the know of this prescription.
  8. Submission and Payment of N10, 000 for Land Information Certificate per plot of land. A Land Information Certificate reveals whether or not the said land is genuine or not.

For more details, visit the Lagos State Government website.