We recently wrote an article on tips for advertising property online in which pictures were pointed out to have a significant role in catching the attention of property seekers. In this post we want to show you some evidence that property advertised online with pictures gets viewed may more times than property listings without pictures.

From our research on Nigeria Property Centre, we have found that on the average, property listings with pictures are viewed over 10 times more than those without. This simply means site visitors are attracted to these listings and are clicking to view details of the property. These figures can easily be confirmed by viewing a list of property on Nigeria Property Centre.

How about the way people view the property list pages? We have also monitored how site visitors interact with these pages for a while and have found interesting results. The image below shows a heat map of how site visitors move their mouse over the property list pages. The more red an area is on the map, means the more people moved their mouse pointer over those areas. You will notice that site visitors moved their mouse pointers over properties which had pictures more than they did for listings without pictures.

What does this all mean? If you want to get those important calls and emails from property seekers online then do your very best to include pictures in your property listing.

It’s also notable to know that if you include pictures in your property listing on Nigeria Property Centre, your property gets “featured”. Click here to find more details on how to get your property listing featured on Nigeria Property Centre.

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