The advent of the internet has revolutionized and enhanced human activity. One of the beneficiaries of this is the real estate industry. Prior to now, real estate experts did not have a choice on where and how to advertise their business. Same applied to prospective property buyers or those wishing to rent properties. Both sides relied on either the print or electronic media to either advertise (sell their properties) or to buy. All of that has changed.

Now, people who wants to rent out or sell a property have the opportunity of advertising their business on any of the ubiquitous websites and even free of charge. This can be done from the comfort of their home or even while on the move through any of the handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Apart from the cost-effectiveness and convenience of the internet, another major advantage is that it blurs geographic boundaries. A real estate advert on can be seen by billions of people from all around the world within the twinkle of an eye. That is the power of the internet and social media. According to Wikipedia, about 55,930,391 Nigerians had access to internet in 2012.

I am one of the beneficiaries of the increasing popularity of the internet as far as business is concerned. I recall an incident where I struggled to sell a particular car for several months but got it sold after a couple of weeks of uploading pictures of the car on the internet.

If you are having challenges locating your desired property, I suggest you hit the internet. You will be amazed the amount of information at your disposal and the potential audience you can reach. One of the advantages of websites such as, is that a good number of the people who advertize therein are verified and confirmed to be genuine. With this due diligence done, the possibility of fraud is reduced.

The advent of the internet and social media is good news and bad news to some people. A smart person can exploit this technological advancement to expand his business or to corner good deals whereas real estate agents who refused to be innovative will see their client base shrink.