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Ikoyi, which is part of the Eti-Osa Local Government Area, is one of Lagos' most expensive neighbourhoods. Ikoyi was separated from the surrounding areas during the colonial period and designated as the Government Reservation Area (GRA). 

The decision to separate Ikoyi was made in response to a rule enacted to ensure that Europeans' residential areas were separated from the natives who lived there. Until the early years of Nigeria's independence, this rule was in place. 

Following that, Ikoyi was developed as a residential cantonment for the British expatriate community. Ikoyi still has some of these massive colonial mansions built between 1900 and 1950. 

Ikoyi lies to the east of Lagos Island and to the north of Victoria Island.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Ikoyi, Lagos Ikoyi Federal Secretariat. Credit: The Guardian

You may be aware that Lagos was once the Nigerian government's capital, but did you know that between 1966 and 1991, Ikoyi served as the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria? 

The Federal Secretariat was a massive 15-story building in Ikoyi before the country's federal capital was relocated to Abuja. The structure is currently abandoned and only a shadow of its former self. 

On the brighter side, the former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu and the richest woman in Nigeria, Folorunsho Alakija, to mention a few, have houses in Ikoyi. Folorunsho Alakija’s mansion in Ikoyi is reported to be Nigeria's most expensive home. Ikoyi is also one of the areas in Lagos with the most rainfall, with annual rainfall often exceeding 300 ccm. 

Furthermore, the Ikoyi Bridge, which connects Lekki Phase 1 and the Ikoyi district of Lagos, is a popular bridge that is frequently featured in Nollywood films when the most serene part of Lagos is desired. It's also one of the most popular places for people to go for a morning run. It is a cable-stayed bridge with a length of 1.36 kilometres.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Ikoyi, Lagos Ikoyi Falomo Shopping Centre. Credit: dailypost.ng

Awolowo Road is home to the majority of Ikoyi's shopping malls. A high street with upscale shops and boutiques, privately owned businesses, cyber cafes, and so on can be found here.

After a week of hustling and bustling, it is imperative to take time for leisure and, on occasion, shopping. Ikoyi Shopping Mall, Falomo Shopping Centre, Pees Gallerian Shopping Mall, SPAR, and Glover Lifestyle Mall are some of the places to visit in Ikoyi.

A cafe, flower shop, beauty studio, and other shops can be found in the Ikoyi shopping mall. The Falomo Shopping Centre has local fashion, arts and crafts, restaurants, and other businesses.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Ikoyi, Lagos Ikoyi Parkview Estate. Credit: Parkview Residents Association

If you ask anyone in Lagos State to name a popular estate, Parkview Estate or Osborne Foreshore Estate will undoubtedly come up. Apart from being peaceful, these estates also have excellent security and infrastructure.

Parkview Estate is a posh Ikoyi neighbourhood. It is mostly residential and is bordered by Gerrard Road and Banana Island. Some private companies, however, have offices and guest houses on the estate. Parkview is a mixed-income community comprised of well-respected and upper-class residents. In Parkview, there are approximately 400 structures, with more under construction.

Osborne Foreshore Estate (phase 1) is a highbrow gated community located on Osborne Road in Ikoyi. It is one of Nigeria's most expensive places to live. The estate includes amenities such as paved roads, street lights, adequate drainage, and a public park. Non-residents are not allowed into the estate until they have been cleared at the gate by their host. The estate's houses are mostly duplexes, but there are also serviced apartment blocks on the grounds.

Abacha Estate and Dolphin Estate are two other estates in Ikoyi.

Day Life

Day Life - Ikoyi, Lagos Nigerian National Museum. Credit: Dream Africa

Ikoyi is home to a slew of national and international corporations. Ikoyi marriage registry, NDLEA office, EFCC office, British American Tobacco, Google Nigeria, UN subsidiary offices, and others are among them.

The National Museum, which is located on Onikan Road in Ikoyi, is one of the country's most popular museums. Kenneth Murray, an English archaeologist, founded it.

You can learn about Nigeria's history and meet and interact with knowledgeable artists and curators at the museum. The bullet-riddled car from Murtala Muhammed's assassination, ancient royal crowns, carved ivory, and sophisticated handcrafted artefacts from all over Nigeria are among the works on display.

Art lovers can also visit galleries such as Omenka Gallery, Ogirikan Art Gallery, Thought Pyramid Art Centre, and The Studio.

Anyone interested in seeing a movie, passing the time, or simply having a good time can go to the Filmhouse Cinema in Ikoyi Osborne. And for those who enjoy going to outdoor movie theatres, De Picnic Master is the best option.

Chicken Republic, Ikoyi is the place to go if you're looking for a restaurant that serves delicious meals and snacks at a reasonable price. Their menu includes jollof rice, fried rice, chicken and chips, and more.

Another restaurant where you can eat healthy without breaking the bank is 'The Place'. They serve a wider variety of foods, including native cuisine. Da Vinci Restaurant serves excellent Italian cuisine on its own.

The Roots restaurant and bar, Zolene restaurant, Samantha bistro and grill, Glover's court suya spot, The Village Grille, The Yellow Gate, China Wok, Bukka Hut, and others are among the other restaurants.

Ikoyi is home to some of the most popular social and golf clubs in the city. Swimming, lawn tennis, table tennis, snooker, and a pool are just a few of the sports and relaxation options available at the Ikoyi Golf Club. The club's main amenities include bars and kitchens, a library, a gym, and a massage parlour.

Osborne Recreational Park, The Garden Ikoyi, Falomo Garden, and Dolphin Park are just a few of the parks in Ikoyi where you can get a taste of nature, go for a walk, meet new people, or even have a picnic.

For facials, scrubs, body treatments, and a nice massage in a calm environment, then you can choose to visit BMS Spa, Oasis Medspa, Kellystouch Spa, Priscillas's Pride Day Spa.

Night Life

Night Life - Ikoyi, Lagos Lagos Jet Ski Riders. Credit: Tripadvisor

At night, Awolowo Road in Ikoyi is one of the busiest roads on the island. 

Even during the week, people can be found unwinding in Ikoyi's various clubs and bars. Lagos Jet Ski Riders, Cocoon, Club 57, The Creekside Lounge and Bar, and others are among these clubs and bars.


Schools - Ikoyi, Lagos Lagos Preparatory School, Ikoyi. Credit: World orgs

Aside from the corporate world and leisure pursuits, Ikoyi is home to a number of prestigious and well-known primary and secondary schools. 

The Foreshore School, Meadow Hall School, Le Posh School, and Heritage House School are just a few of them. These schools have excellent infrastructure and ambiance, as well as a track record of academic success. 

If you are looking for Africa’s most highly accredited British school, it is the Lagos Preparatory School (LPS) in Ikoyi, which also has a secondary school. Bridge House College, Holy Child College, Lagos Brownsville College, Lagos Greenwood High School, St Gregory's School, Corona School, and other schools are among the others.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Ikoyi? Here are the average property prices in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Some available property in Ikoyi

Luxury 5 Duplex, Ikoyi, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Rent

5 bedroom detached duplex for rent

 Ikoyi, Lagos
Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment Plus Bq, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

3 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos
20,000,000 per annum
Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment Plus Bq, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

3 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos
20,000,000 per annum
5bedroom Semi Detached Duplex, Ikoyi, Lagos, Semi-detached Duplex for Sale

5 bedroom semi-detached duplex for sale

 Ikoyi, Lagos
Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment, Ikoyi, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

3 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Ikoyi, Lagos
20,000,000 per annum