Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Area Guide Ojodu Berger Bridge. Credit: YNaija

Located between Lagos and Ogun State, Ojodu Berger serves as a gateway. It is part of the Ojodu Local Council Development Area, but it is also in Ogun State, at least in theory.

A new LCDA was needed to supplement Lagos State's original 20 local government areas, so the old Ikeja LCDA was reorganised into the Ojodu LCDA. Powerline, Agidingbi (a subset of Agudi), and Ojodu Berger (another subset) make up the entire group. 

It is bordered by Magodo to the north, Agege to the south, Alausa to the east, and Akute to the west. Omole, Ogba, and Magodo Isheri are all nearby neighbourhoods worth checking out for some local flavour.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Foot Statue at Ojodu. Credit: encomium.ng

Ojodu Berger is a very busy area that faces the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, one of Nigeria's most popular inter-state routes.

Several buses bound for various Nigerian states are housed in the large bus park located beneath the Berger bridge. Buses, cabs, minivans, BRTs, and other modes of transportation are also available to get you around Lagos. Whether you are leaving or entering Lagos, there is bound to be a mode of transportation that works for you.

The Ojodu-Berger pedestrian bridge is also one of the longest in Nigeria. It was commissioned by the former Lagos Governor to alleviate traffic congestion in the region, which served as a major entry point into the state.

While there are significant monuments throughout Lagos State, Ojodu Berger has its own 'foot' statue. The foot monument is part of an urban revitalisation project that aims to preserve and promote cultural heritage. It is a notable monument, constructed to commemorate Lagos' 50th anniversary. The significance of the statue is thought to be to encourage young people to put their best foot forward and understand that every path to success begins with a single step.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Justrite superstore. Credit: Worldorgs

Justrite Superstore is a one-stop retail store with locations throughout Lagos. The branch in Ojodu Berger caters to all of the residents' household needs. The store sells everything from beverages and food to home appliances and clothing at reasonable prices.

Olowora Sawmill Market is the best bet for those looking to buy wood, carpentry equipment, or building materials. The market is well-organized and has reasonably priced items.

You can also get groceries, pastries, and gift items at the Hubmart Store and Ojodu Mall.

Kara Market, located on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, is the place to go if you want to buy cows, goats, or rams of various species at a lower price. Within the market, there is an abattoir where the animals are slaughtered and packaged in small pieces. Although the market is well-known for its livestock, it also sells other foods.

Fouani Store is a great place to buy electronics. They are thought to be the leading and sole distributor of LG products in Nigeria/Africa, as well as the country's largest electronics supplier.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos River Valley Estate. Credit: Nigeria Property Centre.

Because of its proximity to major mainland cities, Ojudu Berger is a popular place to call home. Despite its proximity to the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, River Valley Estate enjoys a tranquil setting free of the roar of the highway. It is a very well-kept residential neighbourhood, complete with a mall, hair salons, candy shops, and the like. Electrical service is available throughout the estate. Finally, this is a place where you can raise a family in peace.

Mercyland Estate has no issues with electricity. The estate is a wonderful place to live because of the excellent safety and tranquilly it offers. Paved roads, a gym, and businesses abound in Adeoni Estate.

Dankaro Estate, Pine Estate, and Goodwill Estate are some of the other estates in Ojodu Berger.

Day Life

Day Life - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Ojodu Estate Playground. Credit: Topratedonline

There are not many things to do in Ojodu Berger, but it is close to Ikeja, so there are plenty of options. To recharge and spend quality time with loved ones, consider taking a break during the day. Make time to check out the playground at Ojudu Estate. For both children and adults, it is a clean and pleasant place to spend time, providing a cool place to play.

Amelda's Cuisine is a local hangout that serves food to go, dine in, and have delivered to customers. Peppered pork, Asun, drinks, punch, and chapman are all available. Catering services are also available from this company.

At 705 Bukka Ng, Amala Hot Spot Restaurant, Chop Beta Kitchen, Anne's Place, Calabar Kitchen, King Restaurant, Mandela Barbeque, among others, you can savour mouthwatering African delicacies.

Both Nature's Gift Wellness and Woorergold Wellness Centre offer professional beauty, healthcare, and skin treatment services, as well as massages and body pampering.

Night Life

Night Life - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Club Spray. Credit: Google

There is a lot of respect for Club Spray in the neighbourhood. Drinks are reasonably priced, the atmosphere is great, and security is top-notch.

It is a wonderful place to go for snooker games, live music, drinks from the lounge and bar, and a wonderful experience with their grills.

Another option for a night on the town is Kings Cafe, Chiller Lounge and Bar, TDS lounge, and Pros bar and lounge.


Schools - Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos Isolog Schools. Credit: Google

Schools in Ojodu Berger often boast first-rate facilities and highly qualified faculty. Students and pupils are educated in a pleasant environment. Hillspring International Schools, for example, is highly recommended for parents who are concerned about providing their children with a well-rounded educational foundation.

Located in Ojodu, Isolog College is a co-ed day secondary school. Junior and senior high school academic and co-curricular programmes are offered in a clean and well-equipped facility.

GraceBrook Schools, Oren Schools, Christ Algate Schools, and Grande Esprits Academy are some of the other great schools in Ojodu Berger.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Ojodu Berger? Here are the average property prices in Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos.

Some available property in Ojodu Berger

Luxury 2 Bedroom Flat, Denro Ishashi, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

2 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Denro Ishashi, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos
1,000,000 per annum
Elegantly Built 5 Bedroom  Detached Home with Bq, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

5 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos
Newly Built 6 Bedroom Detached Duplex Plus a Standard Room Bq, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos, House for Sale

6 bedroom house for sale

 Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos
Limited Time Offer! Luxurious and Stylish 5 Bedroom Detached Duplex, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

5 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos
Most Affordable Apartment, Justrite Supermarket, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos, House for Sale

2 bedroom house for sale

 Justrite Supermarket, Ojodu Berger, Ojodu, Lagos