Magodo, Lagos Area Guide Photo Credit: The Guardian Newspapers

Magodo is one of Lagos's most treasured possessions. It is situated close to the border between Lagos and Ogun States on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

For a place that is now regarded as one of the best residential areas in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub, it was once a sacred land for traditionalists with many taboos. The use of Mortars and Pestles is one of the taboos frowned upon by the residents of this community.

This taboo gave rise to the community's name, Magodo (derived from "Ma gun odo," a Yoruba order that translates to "Do not pound in a Mortar"). This reflects the fact that history is never truly forgotten, even if most people do not practise it.

Magodo is in the Kosofe Local Government Area and is bounded by Ikosi-Ketu and Ojodu Berger. The community is divided into two phases: Magodo GRA Phase 1, which is located in Isheri, and Magodo Phase 2, which is located in Shangisha.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Magodo, Lagos Photo Credit: Pulse Nigeria

It is worth noting that Magodo was originally designed as a Government Residential Area (GRA) for government employees. You can see why it is arguably the most appealing residential area on the Mainland.

Magodo is now considered an upscale neighbourhood, with residents from both the middle and upper classes. Living in Magodo gives you access to all of the 'good stuff' in Ikeja, such as business and employment opportunities, a social life that allows you to meet some of the most talented and business-savvy people in Lagos, entertainment and nightlife, and so on.

Magodo has long been known as the residence of many Nigerian celebrities who prefer to stay on the Mainland. Olamide Adedeji aka Badoo, the YBNL boss, has been known as the king of the streets for more than a decade and lives up to his street knighthood by refusing to leave the mainland, where he was raised. If you decide to stay in Magodo, you might see him as a neighbour just across the street.

Magodo residents have tight security, a reliable power supply, and a well-developed road network. The drainage system is also very good, and the water supply is consistent.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Magodo, Lagos Value X-Change Mart. Credit:

A residential area of this calibre would be incomplete without appropriate grocery stores and other household necessities. Apart from being close to the famous Mile 12 market and Ikeja, where the Ikeja City Mall is located, the following are a few places within the community to check for your shopping needs.

Magodo Shopping Arcade offers a mall-like experience thanks to the numerous stores housed within its walls. There are stores to meet your household needs, salons to meet your hair needs, and just about everything else a shopping arcade should have. You can not separate "variety" from Magodo because they are inseparable, like water and watermelon.

Value X-Change Supermarket is another Mart that provides residents with the luxury of variety while also being easily accessible. Their prices are reasonable and budget-friendly. It is the ideal neighbourhood grocery store, stocking groceries, toiletries, drinks, stationery, and a variety of household items.

More For Less Supermarket is also in the neighbourhood. This store is well-known for its bakery and ample parking.

Greenville Farmers Market on Dipo Awolesi Street is a great place to get healthy and fresh foods, especially vegetables. It comes highly recommended by the locals.

Magodo Plaza is a lovely venue for laundry, spa, and point-of-sale services, to name a few. There are also mini-supermarkets. For residents, it is a one-stop shop.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Magodo, Lagos Property in Unilag Estate. Credit:

Magodo is always highly recommended when looking for residential areas in Lagos. Many Lagosians visit this 'Holy Ground' on a regular basis to stay in the estates available. Magodo is densely packed with gated communities, so you may be conflicted by the numerous options available.

Unilag Estate is located in Magodo's GRA Phase 1 and offers affordable housing, a neighbourhood with a homey feel, and a variety of other amenities. You may be wondering why an estate in Magodo is called 'Unilag,' despite the fact that it is a long distance away from this Federal School. This is because the estate is owned by the University of Lagos co-operative, and as a result, many of the schools' staff own homes there. Many of the streets are even named after school departments, such as Science Road, Humanities Road, and so on.

Regardless of this connection, the estate is open to anyone who wishes to settle there. The sidewalks are nicely paved, and there are many plants in front of the houses. The sale of goods on the street and the production of noise pollution are both prohibited. For added security, a Rapid Response Team is stationed nearby.

Diamond Estate is another lovely estate in Magodo to stay at. The power is always on here, the atmosphere is calm, and the environment is clean. The estate is also easily accessible from the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, which has a good road network. To ensure maximum security, security personnel are stationed at the gate.

Magodo Brooks Estate, Gateway Zone Estate, Foreshore Zone Estate, and Nelson Nweke Zone Estate are some other estates to consider.

Day Life

Day Life - Magodo, Lagos Overview of Ziggies' Football Turf. Credit: Mazi Tony Udoka(Facebook)

With all the hustle and bustle of Lagos, you are unlikely to be a human furniture in Magodo on your free days. If you need to unwind, the area has a number of interesting places for you to visit.

Ziggies Lifestyle Arena is a resort hotel in Magodo that features swimming pools, a fully-equipped gym for your fitness goals, an artificial football turf, and a paintball arena for hangouts with friends and family. It is a high-end establishment with comfortable rooms and a spa. The restaurant serves a variety of local and continental cuisines. The bar and lounge serve a variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

At Domino's Pizza, they are always ready to make your favourite cheesy pizza combination, while Cold Stone Creamery is in the same building and waiting for your choice of yummy ice cream to go with the pizza. The service is prompt, the environment is clean, and you can always order and have it delivered to you from the comfort of your office or home.

If you enjoy trying new cuisines, stop by 01 Mandarin Chinese Takeaway for a taste of freshly prepared Chinese dishes. The prices are reasonable, and the service is adequate. If you prefer to stay close to home, Ofada & Abula Special Restaurant serves Nigerian dishes and local soups.

When you have had a long week, walk into any of the nearby Spas and get a little or a lot of pampering. Luglow Essence is a nail salon, wellness centre, and spa that specialises in skincare. Massages, facials, pedicures, and manicures are all available.

Other options include Andril Beauty Lounge and Ankacash Spa.

Night Life

Night Life - Magodo, Lagos Paradox Bar and Grill. Photo Credit:

You have to wonder if being a nightcrawler is one of the reasons the Owl is frequently depicted as the wisest bird. If you enjoy nightlife in Lagos, Magodo has some really cool spots.

At night, the tranquil atmosphere of the Paradox Bar and Grill is enhanced, especially if you choose to relax on the top floor. As you sip your drink and savour those chops, you can get a bird's eye view of the entire expressway stretch. Their Asun is a must-order. The restaurant is spacious, the grills are tasty, the service is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.

District 10 is a hip, low-key club. It certainly passes the vibe test. The DJ is excellent, and the live band is fantastic. The environment is also secure, allowing you to enjoy the exotic nightlife experience you deserve after a long day at work.

Other great places to unwind at night in Magodo include The RM Place, a 24-hour drive-in restaurant, and Club Rocket, a lovely club with a hotel for sleepovers.


Schools - Magodo, Lagos Library in Caleb International College. Credit:

Nice, safe, and affordable education for your children and wards is the icing on the cake of what makes a perfect residential area. Magodo excels once more, as education is the least of your concerns if you live in this community.

When looking for a community institution that operates a preschool, nursery, and primary school, Newfield School fits the bill. Newfield employs a broad and balanced curriculum based on the Nigerian and British National Curriculums, with a special emphasis on technology-supported learning processes. The primary goal and focus is to encourage the development of their students' critical thinking skills and creative abilities. They also have special provisions in place to provide additional assistance to children with learning disabilities.

Lolad School is a private, mixed-gender, day and boarding Christian school located in Magodo Estate. The school is divided into three sections: a creche, a primary section, and a secondary section. To facilitate learning, the classrooms are well-equipped with audio-visual units, electronic boards, and relevant teaching aids. Lolad provides more than just classroom education; they also provide children with entrepreneurial skills such as fish farming, soap making, hairdressing, and sports.

Lagos Cambridge School is a sixth-form college that prepares students for effective and high-quality international education such as Cambridge A Level, O Level, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and so on.

Caleb International College, Straitgate High School, Karis School, Shorefield Montessori School, Juilliard Academy, Spring Forte Lead Montessori School, Ejidey High School, and a number of other schools are also popular in Magodo.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Magodo? Here are the average property prices in Magodo, Lagos.

Some available property in Magodo

Decent 3 Bedroom Apartment, Magodo Phase 2 Estate, Gra Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

3 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Magodo Phase 2 Estate, GRA Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos
3,500,000 per annum
Luxury 3 Bedroom Flat, Gra Phase 1, Magodo, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

3 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 GRA Phase 1, Magodo, Lagos
3,500,000 per annum
Luxury 2 Bedroom Apartment, Gra Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos, Flat / Apartment Short Let

2 bedroom flat / apartment short let

 GRA Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos
85,000 per day
1 Unit of 2-bedroom Flat with 2 Toilets and Baths (ground Floor), Tokunboh Macaulay Street, Gra Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

2 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Tokunboh Macaulay Street, GRA Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos
4,500,000 per annum
Tastefully Furnished 2 Bedrooms Serviced Apartment, Shangisha, Gra Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos, Flat / Apartment Short Let

2 bedroom flat / apartment short let

 Shangisha, GRA Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos
80,000 per day