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Kosofe is situated in the northern part of Lagos State. It was established on November 27, 1980, as one of Lagos State's 20 local government areas. The indigenous people of Kosofe Local Government Area are mostly 'Aworis,' whose main occupations are mat-weaving, farming, and fishing.

Kosofe was founded in 1980, but it was defunct by 1984. However, it was recreated on November 27, 1996. This was in accordance with the Federal Government's policy of bringing the government closer to the people, as well as in response to residents' desires.

Kosofe Local Government Area is home to numerous communities. Some of them are Maryland, Ojota, Alapere, Orisigun, Ajelogo, Akanimodo, Ikosi, Ketu, Oworonshoki, Mende, Ifako, Sholuyi, Anthony village, Ajao Estate, Ogudu, Mile 12, Ayedere, Gbagada, Isheri, Olowora, Shangisha, Magodo phase 1, Magodo Phase 2, Agboyi 1, Agboyi 2 Owode Onirin, Ajegunle and Odo-Ogun, among others.

The Kosofe Local Government Area office is located on Ogudu Road in Ojota. Ikeja, Ikorodu, and Shomolu are the three local government areas that surround Kosofe.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Kosofe, Lagos Mile 12 International Market. Credit: coldhubs.com

Have you ever wondered what Kosofe means? It simply means - Nothing is Free. This emphasises the area’s active commercial life. Since the early settlers arrived in the mid-nineteenth century, commerce has been an important part of the region's economy. The indigenous people were well-known for their extensive trade in vegetables, fruits, maize, cassava, fish, among other commodities. Its location on the outskirts of Lagos further establishes the area as a significant name in modern Nigerian commerce.

The modern kosofe is still a thriving commercial centre, serving as the hub for all food items from across the country. This is understandable given that Lagos State remains the major market for all agricultural products from other states; as a result, modern-day Kosofe is primarily occupied by traders, civil servants, and the elite; no wonder Kosofe's motto is "cradle of excellence." 

Kosofe is quite large, with over 35 communities. Ojota, Magodo, Gbagada, Oworonshoki, Ikosi, Ogudu, Ketu, and Isheri are some of its prominent areas. Lagos' largest open chemical market is located in Ojota; Magodo is arguably one of the most attractive residential areas on the mainland; and Gbagada's location perfectly connects Lagos mainland to the island via the third mainland bridge.

Due to its location as the gateway to Lagos State, Kosofe is home to people from the North and East of Nigeria who work in markets such as Mile 12, Ojota, and Ketu.

Kosofe Local Government Area has a number of festivals and traditions. The Oro, Ogun, and Igunuko festivals are among them. Residents also enjoy dancing to the Bata drums and Agidigbo traditional drumming with Apepe.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Kosofe, Lagos Edichart Shopping Mall. Credit: Google review

Edichart Retail Mall, located in Anthony Village, has a range of shopping alternatives. You can acquire practically anything here, including home appliances, gadgets, meals, groceries, and drinks. There is also a pharmacy where you may obtain free consultations from a local pharmacist. Edichart Shopping Mall carries high-quality apparel from a range of companies, providing you a choice of selections. There is adequate parking space and the mall's personnels are always happy to help.

Another one-stop shopping centre in the Kosofe Local Government Area is Westgate Lifecare Mall in Olowora. The supermarket is on the ground floor, and the items are clearly labelled for your convenience. Drinks, spirits, alcohol, ice cream, and water are available on the first floor. The pharmacy and restaurant are located on the second and third floors, respectively. The mall has an elevator and is wheelchair accessible for the convenience of its customers.

Maryland Mall is an excellent and popular place to shop in Kosofe. You can get mobile accessories, clothings, groceries, electronics and a host of other trendy items.

Foodstuff, hair and beauty products, beverages, kitchen equipment, groceries, clothing, and household products are all available at Winni Supermarket in Ogudu.

Other shopping options include Home Affairs Supermarket in Ogudu; Ojota Market and Ojota Chemical Market in Ojota; and Rose Store and Gab Supermarket in Oworonshoki.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Kosofe, Lagos Omole Phase 2 Estate. Credit: Google review

Omole Phase 2 Estate in Olowora is a quiet and secure neighborhood with properly tarred road, well-kept homes. It has a steady supply of electricity as well as water. This estate has adequate security and it is directly connected to the Otedola Bridge, making it easy to access other areas on the mainland. It is a great estate for families.

Agboyi Estate is yet another attractive and densely populated housing estate. It has an excellent road network that connects Mile 12 to Ikorodu and the expressway to Ojota/Berger. Agboyi Estate has affordable housing, and Alapere Market is just a few minutes' drive from the estate gate for residents' shopping needs.

Ogudu GRA is a peaceful and serene estate located within Ogudu. It has consistent power and water supply, as well as uniformed guards stationed at the entrance and exit for safety. The houses are lovely, the streets are well-kept, and the roads are tarred.

Other estates include Magodo Phases 1 and 2, Arowojobe Estate in Maryland, Apollo Estate in Mile 12, and Akerele Estate in Oworonshoki, to name a few.

Day Life

Day Life - Kosofe, Lagos Maryland Mall. Credit: top.rated.online

Purple Mall, also known as Maryland Mall has a number of excellent shopping establishments and leisure spots. There is a shared workspace where you can work with an uninterrupted power supply and a pleasant atmosphere. You can also get a bite to eat at one of the mall's many restaurants and watch the latest movies at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. At Funtasticaland, located within the mall, children can enjoy fun games such as skating, roller coasters, table soccer, and so on.

If you prefer smaller crowds and a more intimate atmosphere, Ogudu Mall is a fantastic option. With the shopping stores, restaurants, a cinema, and cafes available, you are sure to have an exciting day out.

Another enjoyable attraction in Kosofe is FunPlex Parks and Rides. Throughout the year, this park provides one-of-a-kind entertainment by hosting a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. It has a free play area, a bouncy castle, a sand pit, and other amenities. There is plenty of parking on-site.

If you're looking for a place to spend your next weekend, consider Ziggies Entertainment Centre in Ikosi. It has a pool, a paintball arena, a football field, a gym, a spa, a bar, and a grilling area.

The Chevron Recreation Centre is a world-class relaxation centre with cutting-edge facilities. There is a basketball court, a volleyball court, a swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, a TV room, a hall, a medical centre, a gym, a suya spot, a barbecue spot, and other amenities. However, it is a member-only location that provides exclusivity and privacy. The facility is safe, and the surroundings are peaceful. For a more public option, explore Ogra Recreation Centre. You can gain access to the swimming pool and other sporting facilities with a token.

Visit Labule restaurant or Farm City for a variety of local foods. Pounded yam, amala, ofada rice, porridge, and other meals are available. Essence By The Grid in Maryland, Magachi Restaurant And Bar in Oworonshoki, TR Dishes in Shangisha, and The Village Lounge in Anthony Village are some other restaurants to try.

For a variety of local foods, visit Labule Restaurant or Farm City. You can get dishes like pounded yam, amala, ofada rice, and porridge. Other restaurants to try include Essence By The Grid in Maryland; Magachi Restaurant And Bar in Oworonshoki; TR Dishes in Shangisha; and The Village Lounge in Anthony Village.

There are numerous spas located throughout the local government area to pamper your body. Cube Spa, Unisex Salon and Makeup Studio in Mende, Andril Beauty Lounge in Magodo Phase 1, B'Petite Beauty Palace and spa in Olowora, and other interesting places to visit.

Night Life

Night Life - Kosofe, Lagos Southpaw Lounge. Credit: top.rated.online

The Westgate Bar has a fantastic atmosphere that screams relaxation. You can watch football while eating shawarma, barbecued fish, or suya and drinking your favourite beverage. There is plenty of parking space, and the staff is always ready to assist customers.

Check out Q10 suites and lounge if you want to experience Ketu's nightlife. It has an underground club, a large bar, and even fantastic rooms if you want to stay. If you enjoy live music, you can go on Fridays or Sundays. They also have a large parking lot that is well-secured.

Southpaw Lounge in Gbagada serves delectable and reasonably priced food, as well as some of the best cocktails in town. The environment is clean, as are the restrooms. If you want to stay over, they also have reasonably priced rooms.

Club Vegas in Maryland and Club 81 in Ogudu are two other places to unwind.


Schools - Kosofe, Lagos Tender Care International School. Credit: tendercareschools.org

Tender Care International Schools in Isheri seeks to provide its pupils with a safe and inclusive learning environment. Teachers are dedicated to improving students' academic achievement as well as instilling moral, emotional, social, and spiritual qualities in an organised setting.

Micmary Schools has a creche, preschool, and primary school in Ketu. Because the school believes that education is a passport to the future, it provides exclusive and supportive attention to all students.

Ojota's Queen Mary Schools include a creche, primary and secondary schools. Its classrooms are well-equipped and spacious for effective teaching and learning, the teachers are qualified and experienced, and cleanliness is a top priority for the environment.

Silverwood Schools in Maryland, Sceptre International School in Ogudu, Estaport Nursery and Primary Schools in Gbagada etc. are also popular schools in Kosofe.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Kosofe? Here are the average property prices in Kosofe, Lagos.

Some available property in Kosofe

Waterfront Land in an Excellent Location, Iyana Oworo, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Iyana Oworo, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos
Demolishable Bungalow on Full Plot, Akinpelu Street, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Akinpelu Street, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos

3 bedroom block of flats for sale

 Bako Estate, Owode Onirin, Kosofe, Lagos
6 Bedroom Duplex Setback on 772.5sqm, Oba Palace Street,oworo, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

6 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Oba Palace Street,oworo, Oworonshoki, Kosofe, Lagos

Land for sale

 Mile 12, Kosofe, Lagos