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A locality in the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State, Ketu is home to a small population. It is a one-of-a-kind location renowned for its tranquil environment and welcoming inhabitants. "Alaketu" is the term used to refer to the regents or Obas of Ketu town.

According to Hindu mythology, Ketu is known as the "origin of humanity" or the "home of the Supreme Being." It is believed that the original inhabitants of Ketu came from the state of Oyo and ended up settling in the Benin Republic after a long journey. Some of them eventually found their way back to Lagos, Nigeria, where they established themselves as diasporas. Ketu can be found in both the Benin Republic and the state of Lagos at the moment.

Due to its proximity to major roads and locations such as Ikorodu road, Mile 12 road, Ojota and Ojodu, Ketu is easily accessible from a variety of routes.

Interesting Facts

It was a complete surprise to learn that the real Ketu people live in the Benin Republic. Despite the fact that there is a Ketu in Lagos today, the real Ketu is believed to have originated in Dahomey, which is now known as the Republic of Benin. Yoruba is one of the world's oldest languages, and the city dates back to a settlement founded by Ododuwa, who is considered the founder of the Yoruba language.

At the heart of Ketu is the Jakande Fruit Market, which is one of the largest fruits markets in Lagos, offering a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at very low prices, including oranges, pears, pineapples, pawpaws, avocados and other tropical fruits, as well as ginger, cabbage and other vegetables.

The Mile 12 market, which is located in Ketu, is also a well-known landmark in the state of Lagos. The market is without a doubt one of the largest marketplaces in the world, as well as a popular destination for wholesale and retail shopping, particularly for consumer goods. Mile 12 market, more than any other market, has a disproportionately high concentration of traders from various ethnic groups, according to some estimates.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Ketu, Lagos Best choice supermarket. Credit: Nairaland forum

Ketu is clearly not lacking in the shopping department, as evidenced by the large number of stores available to its residents to choose from.

Ikosi is home to the best selection of supermarkets. Ketu sells a wide variety of goods, including groceries, household items, toiletries, assorted drinks, cosmetics, and so on. Ketu also offers delivery service. It truly is one of the best options for just about anything you might be looking for.

Ketu market is an open space market with a well-organized structure and a diverse selection of stores, shops, and shopping malls from which to choose. There are a variety of items available to purchase, ranging from food to interior decor to sportswear and equipment to kitchen utensils to groceries and a host of other items, all at very reasonable prices.

Another option is Magodo Plaza in Ikosi ketu, which has a nice arena as well as plenty of parking spaces. Stores selling a variety of household goods as well as a dry cleaning service are available. It also has an ATM where you can get cash if you need it.

Other places to shop in Ketu include the Evergreen Gift Store, Chizzy Supermarket, Liaison Supermarket, Owode shopping plaza, and other similar establishments.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Ketu, Lagos Property in Ketu. Credit:

If you would prefer to live in a Ketu estate, you will not have to look far to find something suitable. There are plenty of standard estates in the area.

Apollo Estate is a gated community that is known for its serene, quiet environment as well as its high level of security. In addition, the residents of this estate benefit from a reliable power supply.

The Olorunda estate in Ketu is a well-planned community that is dedicated to providing its residents with the highest level of comfort and security. It is generally a quiet and cool neighbourhood with little traffic.

Another excellent place for you to call home is the Wellignton estate, which is a cosy estate with a beautiful setting.

Agboyi estate is a safe and peaceful estate with a large number of friendly people who will make you and your family feel like you are a part of a community when you move there.

Omojuwa estate, Agboye estate complex, and Alapere estate are some of the other excellent estates you should consider.

Day Life

Day Life - Ketu, Lagos Ziggies Entertainment Center. Credit:

Ketu is well-known for its bustling markets, but it also has a number of pleasant spots where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Ziggies entertainment centre is a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment and relaxation needs. You can take advantage of a variety of amenities to make your visit memorable, including a swimming pool, a gym centre with authentic personal trainers and high-quality fitness equipment, a nice bar for relaxing, and other enjoyable activities. Take a look at the view from the top whenever you are there - you will not be disappointed.

In a unique setting, Play Satellite Tv (PLAY TV), which serves as an outdoor cinema, allows residents to take in live dramas or performances of any kind in a casual setting. The location is an open space with a beautiful environment that would be ideal for a family picnic. There is also a children's playground on the premises. Another advantage is that it is easy to find and that there is plenty of good food nearby.

Mome's Place is a restaurant that serves delicious meals such as fish, pepper soup, and other such dishes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to go with them. It has a generally cool climate, which makes it a good place to chill out in.

Other places to visit include Jolly point, Food house, Okele restaurant, Fresh chow, and others that are listed below.

Night Life

Night Life - Ketu, Lagos Q10 suites and lounge. Credit:

Looking for cool places to relax and unwind at night in Ketu? There are a couple of amazing spots scattered around the island that you should check out!

When it comes to nightlife, 'Q10 suites and lounge' is a great place to hang out during the day and an exciting club for ballers at night. The underground club and live music (usually on Fridays and Mondays) are so good that you will want to come back for more every week. They also have functional facilities, a large parking lot, and a top-notch security team.

In addition to Movardo Lounge, there are several other good options for nighttime escapades.

As a result, they have an especially cool and calm atmosphere, making them an excellent choice if you want to relax and enjoy some downtime.

Q bar is a pleasant and entertaining nighttime destination. Drinks are served chilled, and there is a dope Dj on hand to ensure that every second is filled with good jams. The pleasant ambiance contributes to the enjoyment of being there.

The Kaks bar and carwash, Iya Kwara bar, Backroom Cafe, and Lakamura bar are all popular nightlife destinations in the area.


Schools - Ketu, Lagos Crown Jewel School. Credit:

Do you intend to enrol your children in a high-quality school in the area when they reach that age? That is not a problem at all. Ketu is home to a plethora of beautiful schools that provide adequate learning facilities.

Crown Jewel School is a co-educational primary and secondary school that is open to all children, regardless of their ethnic origins, nationality, or place of origin in the world. They provide your children with a high-quality education as well as moral instruction.

The Tee-Tops nursery and primary school follow the curricula of both the British and Nigerian governments. They have a structure that assists them in meeting the needs of every child in terms of morals, social skills, academics, spirituality, and physical health.

Richway school is yet another example of a very good school in Ketu that provides a calm and conducive learning environment for its students and teachers. They have a good sense of coordination and organisation. In addition, they have a track record of outstanding academic achievement.

In Ketu, there are a plethora of other reputable educational institutions. Topspring schools, God first international schools, Monikab school, Saints Haven school, Amplified school, and other similar institutions are examples.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Ketu? Here are the average property prices in Ketu, Lagos.

Some available property in Ketu

Newly Built Room Self Contained Pay N Packin, Agboyi Estate, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos, Self Contain (single Rooms) for Rent

Self contain (single rooms) for rent

 Agboyi Estate, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos
550,000 per annum
Block of 4 Flat of 3 Bedroom, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos, Block of Flats for Sale

3 bedroom block of flats for sale

 Alapere, Ketu, Lagos
Lovely Newly Renovated 2 Units of 2 Bedroom, Kola Adeleye Street Cmd Road, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Sale

2 bedroom flat / apartment for sale

 Kola Adeleye Street Cmd Road, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos
Hot Location. One Acre of Land on 6 Plots of Land, Mr Biggs Bus Stop, Ketu, Lagos, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Mr Biggs Bus Stop, Ketu, Lagos
600sqmts(100a Functional School on a Full Plot of Lan Land ), Alapere, Ketu, Lagos, Mixed-use Land for Sale

Mixed-use land for sale

 Alapere, Ketu, Lagos