Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Area Guide Adeniyi Jones. Photo Credit: Google photos

Adeniyi Jones is an affluent area on the mainland under the Ikeja Local Government Area. Bordering areas are Allen Avenue, Oba Akran, Agege, Ogba, and Akidingbi. Even though most businesses want to be there, it is also a place where people live.

Excellent roads, a reliable drainage system, and a clean neighbourhood are all present in Adeniyi Jones. The roads are well-maintained, spacious, and clearly marked. The area is 8.4 kilometres away from the Lagos international airport terminal.

Even though the major highways in this area are often very crowded, Adeniyi Jones is a safe and secure neighbourhood. Middle- and high-income earners typically make up the Adeniyi Jones population. You can find schools, hospitals, banks, shops, and other social amenities that make the neighbourhood a great place to reside.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Crispin Curtis Adeniyi-Jones. Photo Credit: Google photos

The fact that the neighbourhood was named after Crispin Curtis Adeniyi-Jones, a Nigerian medical director with descent from Sierra Leone (a Saro), is one of the most intriguing facts about Adeniyi Jones. He was a co-founder of the NNDP and was elected to one of the three legislative council seats in Lagos (1923), serving Nigerians for 15 years. He was a man who was familiar with the fundamentals of international economic organisations and had a significant impact as a financier and president of a few businesses that were established in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The talented orator Adeniyi-Jones passed away in 1957, and an area in Ikeja was named after him to recognise his contributions to Lagos State.

It is interesting to note that Adeniyi-Jones is home to a branch of the renowned Lagoon Hospital. Lagoon Hospital, dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and service, is thought to have been among the hospitals that helped establish sophisticated medical treatment in Nigeria. The hospital keeps putting money into high-quality specialty services and is ready to do any kind of surgery, even ones that are only available at a small number of specialised hospitals in the UK and the US.

D'Podium International Event Facility is also located in the neighbourhood of Adeniyi-Jones. D'Podium is a stylish event space with cutting-edge features  from the chairs to the stage. It can be used for birthdays, weddings, parties, concerts, seminars, training, and product launches. There are also other things to do in the area, such as a beautiful food court with many different kinds of food, a supermarket, a salon, an electronics store, and so on. They have great parking spaces and a basketball court. Furthermore, they feature a large kitchenette, restrooms that are clean, VIP lounges, and changing rooms.

Adeniyi-Jones also has a number of bank branches, including the Lagos Internal Service Office situated in this area. These are quite fascinating facts to know about this popular area.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Centre Place Mall. Photo Credit: Centre Place Mall, Website

At Adeniyi-Jones, the Centre Place Mall is highly recognised. You can get all of your needs met there. The mall has restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and a furniture store. The Center Place Mall features a sound security system and ample parking space.

A typical term commonly used for iconic supermarkets is "Family Supermarket”. They sell real, high-quality food supplies, home goods, beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, candy, and other items, as well as a few luxuries for the home. Their product prices are also reasonable.

A large variety of household goods are available at All In One Supermarket including groceries, fruits, drinks, meats, bread, stationery, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. When you visit, it is an excellent spot to buy what you need without going to the market.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos AFRA Estate. Photo Credit: google photos

In the centre of Adeniyi-Jones sits the elegantly constructed estate known as Moera Estate. It is a thoughtfully designed estate that was constructed in a safe and secure setting. The estate has sturdy homes and an effective drainage system. The estate has a steady supply of electricity and clean water.

The Harmony Enclave Estate is a safe and orderly neighbourhood with security guards at the front gate. It is a comfortable estate for those with modest, middle, and high net worth. While the estate is historic, several of the homes have been updated to reflect contemporary architecture. Wheelchair access is available at the estate entrance and the estate has a 20 km/h speed limit signpost.

Another estate in Adeniyi-Jones where one can obtain value for money spent on home purchases or rent is AFRA Estate. The estate is tranquil, gated, and well-guarded. The estate features a fair power supply, constant water supply, estate waste disposal, and a tight security system.

Boet Estate and Merrit Residential Estate are also part of the many beautiful estates located in Adeniyi-Jones.

Day Life

Day Life - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Luncheonette restaurant. Photo Credit: Google Photos

FoodNow (Balog Food) is a restaurant that serves fresh, delectable Nigerian food such as rice and stew, different kinds of soups with swallow, noodles, and cold beverages. The restaurant is in a quiet neighbourhood with good air flow and a high standard of cleanliness. It's a great place to relax and think about things during the day, and the meals are very cheap.

Also, there is the Luncheonette restaurant, which serves a wide range of dishes that combine traditional and continental foods in a seamless way. The restaurant menu can also be changed to fit different tastes, budgets, and themes for special events. Additionally, they provide catering services, with an emphasis on outdoor food and on-site cooking.

Zaika Ikeja Indian & Chinese Restaurant is a place where you can eat in or take out Indian and Chinese food. It's the perfect place to get delicious Chinese and Indian meals at a competitive price. They also provide home delivery services for those who want to have their meals brought right to their door.

Night Life

Night Life - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Carlsbad Lounge and Nightclub. PhotoCredit: Google photos

Carlsbad Lounge is a stunning karaoke bar and nightclub. It is a fun location to unwind with either your friends or family at the end of the day. Drinks that are reasonably priced, a fantastic atmosphere, and a live band or DJ are all present in the lounge. The personnel are always courteous, and the service is exceptional.

You can also visit 2G1 Club, one of Ikeja's best bars and an excellent place to hang out for clubbing, especially on Fridays and Sundays or days when they organise karaoke nights. The setting is tidy, the service is excellent, the space is quite comfortable, and the parking is good.

Superstars Club and Lounge is a sophisticated, cozy club. The DJs are fantastic, and their beverages won't break the bank. Although their cocktails are a bit costly, this is a high-quality evening out spot. Superstars Club and Lounge have the ideal atmosphere for a fantastic night out. So, if you're seeking a club in Adeniyi-Jones, you want to check out this location.


Schools - Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Lara Day School. Photo Credit: Google Photos

Adeniyi Jones Primary School was founded as a community institution to deal with the education issues that the area's underprivileged children face. In such an environment, students are encouraged and inspired to reach their full mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential.

Acehall School is a child-centered, Christian school that welcomes students of all religions. The school is famous for providing children with sufficient learning environments. The school offers a clean setting, well-ventilated classrooms, a steady supply of electricity, and the use of technology for teaching.

Lara Day School fosters and educates the complete child physically, cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally by upholding a consistent philosophy and objectives that develop each child's God-given talents for effective involvement in a constantly changing world. Despite being one of the older schools in Ikeja, they feature modern facilities for teaching and learning. For children from middle-class or even high-class families, it is a choice school.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Adeniyi Jones? Here are the average property prices in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

Some available property in Adeniyi Jones

Fully Furnished Luxury 4 Bedroom Duplex, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Terraced Duplex for Rent

4 bedroom terraced duplex for rent

 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos
35,000,000 per annum
Fantastic Newly Built 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex, Spacious and Top Notch Finished 4bed Duplex in Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

4 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Spacious And Top Notch Finished 4bed Duplex In Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos
Fantastic Newly Built 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex Plus a Room Bq, Massively Built 5bed Duplex in a Serene Estate in Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

5 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Massively Built 5bed Duplex In A Serene Estate In Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos
Fantastic Newly Built 5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex Plus a Room Bq, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Detached Duplex for Sale

5 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos
Exceptional Newly Built 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex in an Estate, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Semi-detached Duplex for Sale

4 bedroom semi-detached duplex for sale

 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos