Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Area Guide Ifako Gbagada Expressway. Photo Credit: Nigeria Property Centre

Ifako (Gbagada) is one of the most prominent areas in Gbagada. This is, without a doubt, Gbagada's biggest neighbourhood, and quite a few Lagosians live there. With good roads on most of the streets in the Ifako area of Gbagada, navigating to the Oworonshoki expressway is easy for motorists and bike users alike. As one of the areas in Kosofe Local Government Area, Ifako gives room to small-scale business owners to thrive in her ever-buzzing community.

Here, a lot of small businesses are visible along major roads. As a result of this small-scale business growth in this area, it is believed that different banks chose to seize the opportunity to keep money in circulation by establishing branches to assist residents and business owners get easy access to funds.

Ifako is a good combination for commercial and residential activities.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters. Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria News

You might be interested to know that Ifako has given Nigeria a lot of top musicians, including some who have worked in movies. Daniel Benson, better known by his stage name Buju BNXN and who lives in the Gbagada neighbourhood of Lagos State, was named the Next Rated Artiste at the Headies Award 2022, which just ended. Ifako is home to the world headquarters of one of the biggest Christian ministries in Nigeria, Deeper Life Bible Church.

Ifako is an affordable environment for all and sundry, as the housing cost is N350,000 and above. Residents in Ifako enjoy a minimum of 15-20 hours of power supply daily, with most houses running on prepaid metres, and light bills are relatively easier to monitor. Transportation within this area is also less expensive because the majority of the streets are well-tarred, allowing vehicles to move to and from the environment. You can also get motorcycles to navigate through the environment.

Ifako is known to be one of the most peaceful areas in Gbagada, as there are fewer reported cases of violent breakouts, gang wars, and street wars. Nightguards, vigilantes, and the police station, which is on Oyetunde Street, also keep the area safe. Residents and business owners worry less about properties established in the Ifako area.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Ifako Playground. Photo Credit: worldorgs.com

Ifako houses a lot of small-scale shopping centres, including laundry shops, recreational centres, markets, and a host of others where residents can easily access household and food items for personal consumption and events.

It also houses the popular Ifako Playground, now known as the Araromi Youth Development Centre, where residents and other community members troop in mostly during weekends for open-field leisure activities.

Ifako has a lot of food centres and restaurants, like Orange Buka, Barbeque Bistro Gbagada, Plush Spicy, and Isaac Foods, amongst others.

Residents benefit from Ifako's abundance of small businesses and shopping centres because a greater proportion of their needs are met without the stress of travelling to a more distant location.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Harmony Estate. Photo Credit: Nigeria Property Centre

There are many estates in Ifako that current residents and people who want to move there can afford. Popular amongst these estates are Harmony Estate, Lara Estate, and Seaflow Estate, amongst others that are very affordable. You can find houses ranging from self-contained apartments to 5-bedroom duplexes available for rent and sale. Similarly, houses in the numerous streets in Ifako are relatively affordable. Use the filter feature on our website to find houses that might work for you.

Not only can we find small-scale businesses in Ifako, but churches, mosques, schools, and hospitals are strategically located on different streets. Notable amongst these institutions are Foursquare Gospel Church, Deeper Life Bible Church World Headquarters, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Aquila Nidus Montessori School, TopFlight College, and Micel Hospital, amongst others.

Day Life

Day Life - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Mota Shopping Complex Credit: infoaboutcompanies.com

Due to the relatively high number of people living in Ifako, generally, commercial activities are the order of the day as individuals are seen carrying out their daily operations. However, in residential areas of Ifako that have little commercial activity, there are fewer human interactions during the day. People heading out for their daily activities, schoolchildren alike, make up the influx of movements in Ifako in the early hours of the morning, which reduces in the midhours of the day until a rise in the evenings, just like the usual hustle and bustle in Lagos State. Traffic flow is quite free,and all routes leading to major roads are mostly occupied by commercial motorists and bike users. Holistically, Ifako thrives in the hustle and bustle of a commercial Lagos.

In the commercial parts of Ifako, you will find the Mota Shopping Complex, which has a number of lock up stalls where small business owners carry out their business operations. This shopping mall is situated on Ilawe Street, which is one of the oldest mall in the area. Although it is not too enormous in size, it houses quite a number of businesses. Seen along the roads in Ifako are other similar shops in different buildings, some are kiosks while some are mini marts or supermarkets. All of these amount to part of the busyness that keeps Ifako bubbly. Residents can visit the markets or connect to the popular Shop City Supermarket, Favored Mart etc. Similarly, entertainers can also visit Fivemics Empire - a motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing company.

Night Life

Night Life - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos The Base Lagos. Photo Credit: The Base Lagos Facebook page

What beauty does an area in Lagos offer without a pleasurable nightlife? Do you ever wonder why the popular alte musician BOJ named an album "Gbagada Express"? The nightlife in Ifako is as lit as what you can get on the island. With the local bars and funky restaurants working late into the night having beautiful setups adorned in their fancy signatures, Ifako takes host to nightlifers in Gbagada.

There are a number of fancy hotels that one could visit for short and long term rests having a series of events as the day counts on. Fun seekers can visit locations like Hoxegen Club. Lounge & Bar, 18 Plus Lounge & Hotel, The Base Lagos amongst others for the Lagos night ambience.

Most of these locations are open into the wee hours of the next day therefore giving fun seekers thrills into the night and morning. Quite a number of the streets in Ifako have street lights that lighten up the evenings. This also gives a beautiful view to the Ifako environment.


Schools - Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos Topflight College. Photo Credit: Lagos Schools Online

Living in Ifako, you need not worry about which school to send your children or wards as there are so many schools situated in this large environment. You can find both government-owned and private schools like Oke Ifako Primary School, Ifako Comprehensive High School, and Pelade School. Aquila Nidus Montessori School, TopFlight College, and Tots N' Cots School, among others.

Visiting any of the government-owned schools like Oke Ifako Primary School, which was established on October 5th, 1981, you will be surprised to see how clean, coordinated, and beautiful the school appears. This also goes with Ifako Comprehensive High School, which was founded on January 1, 1970.

However, parents or guardians who choose to enrol their children in private schools have a wide number of schools to pick from. For example, Tots N' Cots School, which was founded on January 23rd, 2010, to cater for your children's primary education, TopFlight College is also exemplified by providing quality post-primary education to children and wards in the Ifako environment.

There are other schools that have not been mentioned but that also offer quality education in Ifako Gbagada.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Ifako? Here are the average property prices in Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos.

Some available property in Ifako

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