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Badagry is a Lagos State coastal town and Local Government Area. It is located in the Benin Republic, between the cities of Lagos and Seme. It is located on the north bank of the Porto Novo creek, an inland waterway that connects Lagos and the Benin Republic.

It is said to have been named after its founder, Agbedeh, a well-known farmer whose farm, Agbadarigi, was renamed Badagry by European slave traders in the 15th century.

Badagry is the second largest town in Lagos state, with a population of over 200,000 people according to the 2006 census.

Ahovikoh, Boekoh, Jegba, Posukoh, Awhanjigo, Asago, Wharakoh, and Ganho are the eight quarters. Ketu, Okokomaiko, Oke Odan, Ikare, Ijaiye, and other nearby communities include Ketu, Okokomaiko, Oke Odan, Ikare, Ijaiye, and others.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Badagry, Lagos The first storey building in Nigeria. Credit:

Did you know that in Marina, Badagry, Nigeria, the first storey structure was built? It may also interest you to know that the structure still stands today, despite the fact that it was built in 1845.

Badagry has a plethora of historical and cultural relics. This results in an almost endless list of interesting facts, which contributes significantly to its popularity among Nigerians and foreigners alike.

Badagry was a key port and commercial centre for the trading of African slaves to Europeans between the 15th and 18th centuries due to its proximity to the ocean. During that time, it is estimated that 550,000 slaves were exported to America. These slaves were auctioned off for items such as iron bars, mirrors, cotton, gunpowder, dry gin, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages. Badagry is unquestionably the best place to learn about the Nigerian slave trade.

The Aworis, Egun, Yoruba, and Ogu people of Badagry are known for their hospitality and the popular snack Ajogun, which is made from cassava and best enjoyed with coconut water.

The native language is Ogu, a dialect of Aja similar to the Fon language (a subgroup of Aja spoken in Porto-Novo), and the people celebrate a number of festivals, including the Ajido Zangbeto Cult, the Igunnuko festival, and the Badagry Diaspora and Heritage festivals.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Badagry, Lagos Smark Mini Mall. Credit:

Badagry is primarily a residential area, but it also has a plethora of shops and malls to meet the needs of its residents. This means you will not have to travel far to get your hands on whatever you want.

Beach Town Supermarket, located on Joseph Dosu Way, is a shopping mall. It is a one-stop shopping centre where high-quality items are sold at reasonable prices and with excellent customer service.

The Smark Mini Mall, which is one of the best mini malls in the area, is another shopping mall in Badagry. The items sold here are divided into sections. The lower floor is dedicated to perishables such as fresh food, fruits, and beverages, while the upper floor is dedicated to phones, clothing, and accessories. The staff here is also known for being extremely friendly and always willing to assist.

If you enjoy shopping in open-air markets, you can go to the Agbalata market, a new food market specialising in agricultural produce.

Jinro House Wine, a full-service retail merchant, has the finest wines and spirits, and Maxwell Okshoe World has all types of men's footwear and corporate shoes.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Badagry, Lagos Peridot Parkland Estate. Credit:

If you prefer to live in an estate, Badagry has a number of excellent options.

The Diamond Estate in Mowo is one of the most beautiful options. The good road network and drainage, relatively stable electricity, and proximity to other developing estates are some of the features that make it highly rated.

Another option is Peridot Parkland Estate. It is a community of over 250 beautifully designed units that are high-quality, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced. It provides integrated water and electricity, as well as adequate security for those who live on the premises.

The Emirates Parks and Garden, an exquisite estate with modern infrastructure such as perimeter fencing, a basketball court, a children's playground, and CCTV, is also located in Badagry. It is close to the Badagry General Hospital as well as historical sites such as the Badagry Heritage Museum, the First Story Building, and the Mobee Palace.

Day Life

Day Life - Badagry, Lagos Coconut Beach Badagry. Credit:

If you ever decide to visit, Badagry is a fascinating place to explore. It is a historic town with many historical sites for history buffs. It is also surrounded by water, which provides residents and visitors with attractions such as beaches and resorts.

Coconut Beach is a lovely beach in the heart of Badagry. It is surrounded by tall coconut trees and holiday resorts where visitors can stay and refresh during their visit. It is, indeed, an ideal destination for thrill seekers, and it is well-known for attracting a large number of tourists, particularly on weekends.

Whispering Palms Resort is a well-known, tranquil, and romantic recreational facility. It has a pool, a spa, a mini-zoo, an art gallery, boat rides, restaurants, and lovely chalets to rent. It is clear that this location has something for everyone, regardless of age.

Badagry is a historical town, and visiting it without visiting the museums and learning about its historical significance in Nigeria is pointless. The Williams Abbas Slave Museum, the Mobee Slave Relics Museum, and the Badagry Heritage Museum are all worth a visit. While the first two exhibit artwork and enslavement implements such as chains and manacles, the latter houses information on the slave trade and the rest of the Badagry people's history.

The Kings' Corner is the place to go during the day if you want to eat a variety of deliciously prepared meals. Other fine dining establishments are Mie Mie Taste, Las Canteen, and Hope Restaurant and Joint.

Night Life

Night Life - Badagry, Lagos Badagry Cinema. Credit: Credit:

Badagry continues to hum with life, even at night, thanks to the presence of good bars, fun nightclubs, and a cinema. These locations provide residents with the opportunity to relax and unwind from their daily routines.

Palace Bay Bar is an outdoor and indoor bar with friendly staff that serves a variety of beers, wines, soft drinks, and beverages, as well as meat and grills. It is open until late at night, allowing you to unwind after a long day.

Going to the movies is always a good idea. Badagry Cinema (also known as Lagos Theatre) is a 450-seat movie theatre with cutting-edge technology that is managed by a team of experts. It shows weekend movies and also provides an excellent experience for film screenings, stage plays, musicals, and comedies.

For those who enjoy the dance floor, Star Nite Club and Flex Bar & Nightclub are available. Disc jockeys here play the most recent recorded music, allowing you to get your groove on.


Schools - Badagry, Lagos Cultural display of students of Meritland Group of Schools. Credit:

There is good news for parents in Badagry who are looking for a quality education for their children. The schools in this area are capable of meeting the educational needs of every child. Whatever your preference is, whether boarding or day, mixed or single sex, such schools exist in Badagry.

One of Badagry's best schools is Opeyemi Group of Schools. It is a co-educational institution known for its students' outstanding academic performance. It was founded in 1982 and is one of the city's first government-approved private schools. They have beautiful structures as well as a large and well-kept environment. This group of schools includes nursery, primary, and secondary schools, as well as day and boarding options.

Philbeth Private School is another prestigious school in Badagry. Their curriculum is robust and of high quality, covering national and international standards. Instructors ensure that all students progress at their own pace, pushing them to be the best they can be. It provides nursery, primary, and secondary school education.

Great schools in Badagry include Ascension College, Javy College, and the Meritland Group of Schools.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Badagry? Here are the average property prices in Badagry, Lagos.

Some available property in Badagry

Wont You Rather Own a Piece of Nature?, Along Badagry Creek, Surrounded By Nature, Badagry, Lagos, Mixed-use Land for Sale

Mixed-use land for sale

 Along Badagry Creek, Surrounded By Nature, Badagry, Lagos
30,000,000 per plot
Dry Land, Igbanko Town, Aradagun, Badagry, Lagos, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Igbanko Town, Aradagun, Badagry, Lagos
Land, Emirate Park and Gardens Estate Phase 1 ( The Destination), Badagry, Lagos, Mixed-use Land for Sale

Mixed-use land for sale

 Emirate Park And Gardens Estate Phase 1 ( The Destination), Badagry, Lagos
9,000,000 per plot

Residential land for sale

 Emirates Park And Garden Phase 2, Badagry, Lagos
3,300,000 per plot
Standard Full Plot of Dry Land with Foundation Level, Akachukwu Street Oke Ira, Oko Afo, Badagry, Lagos, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Akachukwu Street Oke Ira, Oko Afo, Badagry, Lagos