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Badore is an Ajah neighbourhood in Lagos State's Eti-Osa Local Government Area.

Ajah has been inhabited for centuries since the arrival of the Portuguese and the beginning of the slave trade in 1704 when Lagos was transformed from a fishing town to a city. The people of Ajah used to be fishermen and hunters.

Badore is situated close to Addo and Langbasa. Badore's streets include Ore Ofe Street, Ajayi Street, Marine Street, Felix Street, and Hassan Street.

Badore has seen significant growth in terms of real estate over the years. As a result, Badore has become a rapidly developing area.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Badore, Ajah, Lagos Badore Ferry Terminal. Credit: Google Reviews

Did you know that Badore was once a small village? This place, which was once referred to as a local community, has now developed and risen to prominence due to its location.

The presence of a ferry terminal known as the Badore Ferry Terminal is another intriguing feature of Badore.

The Badore Ferry Terminal is one of many terminals in Lagos State operated by Lagos Ferry Services (LAGFERRY). As travelling by water is completely traffic-free, boats are available at the terminal and jetty parks to take passengers to their destination.

In Badore, there is also a chieftaincy practice, where a Baale is usually installed. This Baale is the community's leader, in charge of all community affairs. Furthermore, the Baale is expected to be a peace and unity advocate, to oversee the community's security, to welcome all visitors, and so on.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Badore, Ajah, Lagos Blenco Shoppers Mall. Credit:

The most popular shopping destination in the Ajah axis is Blenco Shoppers Mall. It serves residents of Addo, Langbasa, and Badore. Customers will have a pleasant shopping experience here because the supermarket offers a wide variety of reasonably priced goods. Groceries, household appliances, kitchen utensils, beverages, food, and much more are all included. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available at the village market corner of the supermarket. There is plenty of parking and a wheelchair-accessible entrance at the supermarket. The staff is also courteous to customers. Due to its proximity to the road, those without automobiles can easily obtain tricycles and motorcycles after shopping. A pharmacy, a clothing store, a cake shop, and some grilled food restaurants are also nearby. In case you run out of cash, there is also an ATM gallery in the compound.

Mall Mart Supermarket is another option for both fresh and frozen groceries. There are toiletries, provisions, skincare products, ready-to-eat food, and other items available. The supermarket also has a great selection of wine. Everything is reasonably priced.

Basket supermarket, which is located within Greenville Estate, provides a wide variety of daily necessities. The employees are all friendly and courteous, and the customer service is excellent.

Ripples Mart and Ara Luxury Foodies are two other places to shop.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Badore, Ajah, Lagos Genesis Court. Credit:

Genesis Court describes itself as a community that offers tranquillity, peace, amenities, and an ambiance comparable to that of developed countries. It is conveniently located, the infrastructure is well-managed, and the neighbours are pleasant and civilised. This estate has excellent security due to the presence of private uniformed security, mobile police, and CCTV surveillance. The drainage system is excellent, and the flowers and grasses planted throughout the estate add to its aesthetic appeal.

Another upscale residential development in Badore is Cooperative Villa Estate. The estate has adequately catered to the needs of families who want to live in a serviced and well-maintained estate, as well as businesses that value the productivity that comes from peaceful surroundings, over the years. The estate was founded in 1995 with the intention of making it easy for families and businesses to find suitable land on which to build their dream homes. The atmosphere is pleasant, the estate is peaceful, and security is provided.

Peaceville Estate is a peaceful community with adequate security. The power supply is adequate, and the roads are well-built. Residents can also get their daily necessities at convenience stores located throughout the estate.

Even Estate is yet another safe, lovely, and tranquil estate. The rent is reasonable, and the security is strict.

Other estates in Badore include Greenville Estate, Rock Stone Ville Estate, Seaside Estate, Westwood Estate, Royal Palmwill Estate, and Marina Estate.

Day Life

Day Life - Badore, Ajah, Lagos Domino’s Pizza, Badore. Credit: BellaNaija

Domino's Pizza offers a variety of pizza flavours, and the Cold Stone Creamery is located right next door. Here you will find a wide range of ice cream flavours and toppings at reasonable prices.

Heartmosphere is a soothing environment. They serve a wide range of delectable foods, including finger foods, barbecue, and other grills. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available, as well as board games. It also has a functioning car wash.

Do you want to find a great amala joint in Badore? Then look into Amala Folarin. You can order amala, ewedu, and gbegiri with your choice of protein there. The food is delicious, and the restaurant offers quick delivery if you want your food delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.

Badore Road is home to Dishes and Barrels. The food and drinks will undoubtedly satisfy your taste buds, and the atmosphere is calm, cool, and relaxing. Other restaurants in the area include Sambas Bistro, Nanas La' Cuisine, Maverickgrills, and Chicken Republic.

Villa Square is a park for residents only in Badore's Cooperative Villa Estate. It is a spa with a swimming pool, a football field, a basketball court, a tennis court, and a playground for children. You can unwind while eating suya, ewa agonyin, yam, ofada rice, plantain, and other menu items. The park is well-kept and secure.

Byolar's World of Beauty, Vintage Fitness & Beauty Spa, The Mobile Spa Lagos, and Optimal Spa 18 are among the spas in and around Badore.

Lufasi Nature Park is a popular destination near Badore. LUFASI is an acronym that stands for Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative. It is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the preservation of urban natural habitats. LUFASI addresses the issue of scarce green spaces in urban areas such as Lagos, Nigeria, which can be used for recreation and aesthetic pleasure. It has a man-made lake, an animal shelter, a mini art studio, and a playground for children. If you enjoy camping, this is an excellent location for reconnecting with nature.

Night Life

Night Life - Badore, Ajah, Lagos KTM Lounge. Credit: Google Reviews

KTM Lounge is a good option for casual evening outings with friends or alone. This Badore Road lounge is ideal for relaxation, with a great atmosphere, good music, and great service. The lounge also has plenty of parking. You have the option of staying in the open space downstairs or the diner upstairs, both of which have outdoor and indoor seating. Chicken suya, shawarma, grilled fish, and other dishes are on the menu.

Have you ever visited a car wash that included a lounge? You are then invited to Link Up Car Wash and Lounge. On the Badore, Addo, and Langbasa axis, this is a popular hangout. There is a wide variety of entertainment available here, such as live music, stage dancers, and karaoke. While the lounge is open until late at night, the car wash is also open, so you can get your car washed while eating some of their delectable dishes like noodles, grilled fish, asun, nkwobi, isi ewu, pepper soup, and catfish, among others. You can also pass the time by playing board games like table tennis and snooker. There is no need to be concerned about security at the lounge because there is plenty of parking space.

Bims Garden has a quiet bar/lounge where there is no noise for those who enjoy the idea of a quiet bar/lounge where there is no noise. The service is quick, and the staff is extremely pleasant. Sports fans can also watch live matches on screens in the lounge. Additionally, their fish, suya, and pepper soup is a must-order.

Other nearby bars and lounges include Shuga'z Place and Fashos Lounge.


Schools - Badore, Ajah, Lagos Lakefield Schools. Credit:

Lakefield Schools is a vibrant community of creative and purposeful children and adults. Its vision is to be one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria, preparing children to meet global educational standards. It has cutting-edge facilities, a nonviolent and bullying-free environment, and devoted staff.

Edidot Schools, which was established in 2006, operates a nursery school, primary school, and college. Over 800 students from various backgrounds receive individualised attention and care in its locations. Its mission is to pave the way for successful business, government, cultural, and social leaders who care about others. The school combines American, British, and Nigerian education to prepare students to function in an international setting.

Royal Regency Schools was founded in 2004 to provide quality education at an affordable price. There is a creche, a nursery, a primary school, and a college on the premises. Royal Regency Schools, despite its Christian roots, has a strong appeal to people of other faiths. Discipline, diligence, leadership, and integrity are among its core values.

Other schools in Badore include Vapearl Montessori, Lagos State Model College, Badore Primary School, Dorato Royal International School, and Bijamic School.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Badore? Here are the average property prices in Badore, Ajah, Lagos.

Some available property in Badore

Modern Standard One Bedroom Flat, Badore, Ajah, Lagos, Mini Flat (room and Parlour) for Rent

1 bedroom mini flat (room and parlour) for rent

 Badore, Ajah, Lagos
750,000 per annum
Decent Up Flat One Bed Room Flat with Chnadalier, Badore, Ajah, Lagos, Mini Flat (room and Parlour) for Rent

1 bedroom mini flat (room and parlour) for rent

 Badore, Ajah, Lagos
500,000 per annum
Sizeable One Bedroom Flat in a Tight Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos, Mini Flat (room and Parlour) for Rent

1 bedroom mini flat (room and parlour) for rent

 Badore, Ajah, Lagos
600,000 per annum
2 Bedrooms Flat, Unity Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos, Flat / Apartment for Rent

2 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Unity Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos
1,500,000 per annum
One Bedroom Miniflat, Vina, Badore, Ajah, Lagos, Mini Flat (room and Parlour) for Rent

1 bedroom mini flat (room and parlour) for rent

 Vina, Badore, Ajah, Lagos
700,000 per annum