Agege, Lagos Area Guide Agege Bridge. Credit: @heynikeh

Agege is one of Lagos State's most popular suburbs and local government areas. It is centrally located in Lagos, with Abule Egba to the north, Ikeja to the south, Iyana Ipaja to the west, and Ogba to the east.

It was founded in 1954, but the name Agege was derived long before that from the Yoruba phrase "age igi," which translates as "tree cutters." Agege was well-known for its kola nut plantations at the time. The Hausas who lived in the area were also well-known for cutting these kola nut trees for a living. Traders and other settlers, such as the Yoruba tribe's Awori sub-group, began to refer to the area as "Ilu awon age igi," which translates to "the town of the tree cutters." The name stuck and eventually evolved into Agege.

Agege has a population of over 635,000 people as of 2016, with a young population. Since Agege Local Government was formed, three other local governments in Lagos have been formed: Alimosho, Ifako Ijaiye, and Orile-Agege Local Government Areas. Agege is surrounded by popular neighbourhoods such as Ikeja, Ogba, Egbeda, and Abule Egba.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Agege, Lagos Agege Train Station. Credit:

If you are a Nigerian, you are probably aware of the country's recent revival of modern railway transportation. Agege is one of the places that is seeing this improvement. It is the location of the recently opened Babatunde Fashola Station. The station is a contemporary structure that includes a waiting area, a ticket booth, and modern restrooms. It connects trips from Lagos to Ogun and Oyo states, with plans to expand to include more states in the future.

Agege is a connecting area to major locations in Lagos, so it is not surprising that it has a lot of traffic. For many years, this was the story, until the recently completed Agege Pen Cinema flyover bridge changed everything. This bridge was finished in February 2021 and has given Agege a major facelift since then. Road traffic has been reduced, and transit is now efficient.

Every region has its own distinct food production. It is bread in Agege. Unsliced bread became popular in Agege town a long time ago. The soft texture and long shelf life of this bread were praised. It had no name but was well-liked. People began to refer to it as Agege Bread as its popularity grew. Agege bread is now one of Lagosians' favourite meals, being sold everywhere from breakfast tables to garages to the streets of Lagos.

Agege also has a 4,000-seat multi-purpose stadium. This is the home ground of several notable football clubs, including Bridge Boys F.C., Pepsi Football Academy, and MFM F.C. of the Nigerian Premier League.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Agege, Lagos Justrite Supermarket. Credit:

Agege residents can enjoy a variety of shopping experiences. Depending on your preferences, there are open-air markets and indoor shopping malls.

Justrite Supermarket on Agege Motor Road is a one-stop shop for all of your household necessities. Items are organised into categories for easy access. The service is also quick, and the parking lot is large. You can get groceries, freshly baked goods, gift items, and a variety of other items.

Addide Store is a minimart for small-scale household shopping, and First Class Mall is a shopping complex with a variety of stores offering a variety of services.

Make a stop at Agege main market for some open-air shopping. Food, herbs, shea butter, fabrics, beverages, and much more are available at low retail and wholesale prices.

The Abattoir Meat Market is a large market known for its low-cost cows, sheep, and cattle. Animals are slaughtered daily and sold fresh in this market.

Hootus and Imola Shopping Complex are two more shopping options in Agege.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Agege, Lagos Apartment in Agege. Credit: nigeriapropertycentre

Despite the fact that it is a suburb of Lagos, Agege has a number of estates that provide its residents with the peace, extra security, and/or class that they seek.

County Estate Pen Cinema is one of the most prestigious residential developments in Agege. Its main selling point is the high level of security it provides. After receiving permission from a resident, visitors are not permitted to enter. The estate is serene, and the buildings are all identical to one another.

Maple Wood Estate is another example of a traditional estate in a tranquil setting. Although the houses in this neighbourhood are not all alike, they all have modern amenities, reliable electricity, and adequate security.

Among the other notable estates are Sunshine Estate, New Dairy Farm Housing Estate, and LSDPC Medium Estate, to name just a few.

Day Life

Day Life - Agege, Lagos Agege Stadium. Credit: Wikipedia

Agege has a number of notable places where you can spend the day.

Visit Agege Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium with secure parking, a basketball court, a lawn tennis court, and a gymnasium. There is also an indoor hall that can be used for a variety of events.

If you want to eat out, Chicken Republic offers tasty meals at reasonable prices. On their menu, you can order chicken and chips, jollof rice, fried rice, or salad.

KFC is also well-known for its delicious bucket chicken, creamy ice cream, burgers, and beverages. Their menu is both affordable and filling.

Joyce Restaurant, Tastee Fried Chicken, and Sweet Sensation are some other options for dining.

Check out Ultra Revere Spa, iGleam Skinmeister & Spa, or Pearl Beauty Spa for your body relaxation and spa needs.

Night Life

Night Life - Agege, Lagos Lounge 95: Credit @Gabriel Okeke

During the evenings and weekends, there are a few places in Agege where you can unwind and unwind some more.

Lounge 95 offers a large space, a cool and calm ambiance for relaxation, as well as live music from a talented band. Drinks, suya, BBQ fish, and shawarma are all available on the menu. The park is a pleasant place to spend time with family and friends, even during the weekdays.

Solochus Bar and Club is another popular late-night destination in the area. A game of snooker with your friends or watching a football game while sipping a cold drink are both possible in this relaxing environment.

Some of the other places to unwind in Agege include the Club Royale, Kings of Diamonds Club, Belisino Lounge, and Laitano Lounge.


Schools - Agege, Lagos Rosevalley Schools. Credit:

There are numerous schools for your children in Agege. Each school falls into a different category based on the preferences and financial means of the residents.

Rose Valley School is located on a large, secure, and scenic campus and offers one-of-a-kind programmes that provide each student with the skills and qualifications they need to succeed. In pursuit of academic excellence, they provide affordable and high-quality education in a variety of subjects at the nursery, primary, and secondary levels.

Many other schools in Agege have professional and experienced teachers in all fields with a strong academic record. Atlas Schools, Barachel Schools, Al-Hikmat Schools, and Ifako International Secondary School are among them.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Agege? Here are the average property prices in Agege, Lagos.

Some available property in Agege

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