Maitama District, Abuja Area Guide Maitama Abuja Credit: Nora Awolowo

Maitama, simply put, “is an area for the rich and famous." Most ambassadors and high commissioners from other countries live in this area, which is expensive and hard to get into.

Maitama is an exclusive part of Abuja. It is a quiet, wealthy neighbourhood with a high quality of life. The site has luxury and ultra-luxury properties and is home to society's and businesses' top brackets. The area is considered one of the most sought-after and expensive places, located directly to the north of Abuja's city centre.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Maitama District, Abuja Transcorp Hilton Credit: Google photos

Maitama, being an affluent and sought-after neighbourhood, is believed to be the most outstanding part of Abuja. It is mostly a residential area, but there are more and more businesses moving in quickly. There are a lot of huge buildings in the area, and it's also a great place to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

We have places like the Transcorp Hilton, a 5-star, state-of-the-art hotel. Transcorp Hilton has a lot of fun things to do, like an outdoor swimming pool, a wading pool for kids, a casino, a fitness centre, a sports hall for squash and volleyball, a barber shop, a hair salon, a tennis court, and a shopping arcade.

Maitama also has IBB Golf, a location that is without a doubt a top-notch golf and country club, arguably the best in the country. They have a high-maintenance culture coupled with great customer service and impeccable scenery. Other places in Maitama include Merritt House, the Sheraton Hotel, Ministers' Hill, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), the British Council, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Merritt House, and Holy Trinity Catholic Church, among others. It also has other landmarks in the leisure and shopping sectors, such as the Millennium Park and an amusement park.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Maitama District, Abuja Dunes Centre, Maitama Credit: Tripadvisor

Dunes Centre is known as Abuja's most upscale shopping centre and has been around for a long time. It's a great place to cool off and do all your shopping in one place. In Maitama, there's also a farmers' market where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables at a cheap price. Nevertheless, we have fun places for leisure like the Transcorp Hilton, which is a must-visit if you desire serenity and tranquilly with a touch of class. Their services are second to none here in Nigeria. The staff is very professional and courteous.

The Mall, Old Maitama Shopping Complex, De World Super Stores, Habiba Plaza, 911 Mall, 212 Superstores, Sinclair Guest House, Summerset Continental Hotel, Villa Picasso Hotels, and Albasha are some of the other places in Maitama where you can relax and get the most for your money.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Maitama District, Abuja Peggy’s Pointee Estate Credit: Google Photos

Maitama is a part of Abuja that has fewer gated estates than other parts of the city. Instead, it has streets full of stand-alone mansions that are home to top officials and influential people in Abuja. Peggy's Pointee is one of the few estates in Maitama, Abuja, and it is a very classy place to live. It has a superb security system, a children's playground, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and good views. Peggy’s Pointee has fully serviced apartments with ample parking space. The estate features tarred roads, a steady power supply, street lights, and covered drainages.

More so, we have Cosgrove Smart Estate, which has a lot of different kinds of houses, such as duplexes with 7 bedrooms and penthouses with 4 bedrooms. The estate features a 24-hour power supply, a covered and well-channeled drainage system, and proper recreational centres. There's also Palms Spring Estate. Palms Spring Estate, Stallion Court Estate, and Aso Grove Estate are some of the other best estates in Maitama.

Day Life

Day Life - Maitama District, Abuja Cilantro Credit: Cilantro Facebook page

The many restaurants and parks reflect the international nature of the area. No matter what type of fun you wish to have or any meal you are hoping to enjoy, you can always find it at eateries in Maitama that provide food and meals from around the world. We have places like Cilantro, which is best known for its Indian cuisine and is believed to be one of the best restaurants in Maitama. They offer not just great service but also great food. The ambiance is quite nice, full of green trees and a green area. If you're looking forward to enjoying an awesome dining experience with very tasty food and great service, then you should visit Cilantro. 

Southern Fried Chicken is a cool place to have lunch with friends or colleagues; the restaurant is very spacious, and meals are affordable. The Cube Cafe has a bookstore, tea shop, sit-out or meeting place, snack bar, and garden all in one place. The Cube Cafe is simply fantastic, clean, and welcoming; the ambiance is unique. Artistically and brilliantly furnished, it offers a warm atmosphere for individual and group outings.

We have other places like Indian restaurants and bars, The Cube Cafe, Flames Churrasco Grill and Bar, Sam City Gardens, Millennium Park, and Amusement Park for outdoor fun and picnics.

Night Life

Night Life - Maitama District, Abuja Vanilla Restaurant and Lounge. Credit: Google Photos

Maitama is famous for being the heart of the city’s drinking and clubbing scenes. It has a lot of bars and clubs, so it's always busy and fun, even late at night. These clubs have delightful music, good meals, and drinks to keep one up and grooving throughout the night. Maitama has the Vanilla Restaurant and Lounge, which is one of the happening spots when it comes to nightlife. It's a perfect spot for a night out with friends. The lounge accommodates a trendy young crowd, and their service is very cool. 

Nonetheless, Sequence Lounge is a magical lounge in every sense of the word. The lounge has a very detailed wooden finish that keeps your eyes wandering around all the time. The atmosphere is great, the service is great, and the prices are reasonable for where the restaurant is. Hustlers Whisky & Cigar Lounge is a rich and sultry bar in a serene environment. It is a private cigar lounge with a large collection of whiskey. The lounge is perfect for pre-club hangouts.

Some of the other places to visit at night in Maitama are Shades Lounge, Club Grill, Traffic Bar, and The Porch.


Schools - Maitama District, Abuja Sascon International School. Credit: Google Photos

The top schools in Maitama include Sascon International School, a British-standard international school with a maximum of 15 students in a classroom. People often call the school the "pinnacle of learning" because it has the best facilities for learning and a great atmosphere.

 More than that, the Centagon International School is a place where everyone wants to learn and students of all levels do well. The goal of The Centagon is to give students a high-quality international education that combines Nigerian, American, and British curricula in an environment that is stimulating, challenging, technologically advanced, and caring. The Regent School is an awesome school that is beautifully landscaped. The school has well-equipped classrooms with modern technology gadgets and quality teaching time. Their boarding system is the best in Nigeria. The hostel rooms are like 5-star hotels, the dining hall is nice, and the food is good (both African and continental dishes are served). It is a home away from home for the boarding students.

Other schools in Maitama Abuja include but are not limited to Model Secondary School, El-Amin International School, Cradle to crayon, and Cradle to crayon Napo Private School, amongst others.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Maitama District? Here are the average property prices in Maitama District, Abuja.

Some available property in Maitama District

2 Units of 3 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex (with C.of.o), Maitama District, Abuja, Semi-detached Duplex for Sale

3 bedroom semi-detached duplex for sale

 Maitama District, Abuja
Spacious 5bedrooms Detached Duplex with Boys Quarters, Maitama, Maitama District, Abuja, Detached Duplex for Rent

5 bedroom detached duplex for rent

 Maitama, Maitama District, Abuja
30,000,000 per annum
Plot 2369 Land, Maitama 2, Maitama 2, Maitama District, Abuja, Residential Land for Sale

Residential land for sale

 Maitama 2, Maitama 2, Maitama District, Abuja
6 Bedroom Multipurpose Property,bq.good for Office,resturant,airbnb..., Maitama Main, Maitama District, Abuja, Detached Duplex for Rent

6 bedroom detached duplex for rent

 Maitama Main, Maitama District, Abuja
40,000,000 per annum
Luxury Furnished 2bedroom Flat, Maitama Close to Wuse2, Abuja, Maitama District, Abuja, Flat / Apartment for Rent

2 bedroom flat / apartment for rent

 Maitama Close To Wuse2, Abuja, Maitama District, Abuja
15,000,000 per annum