Gaduwa, Abuja Area Guide Gaduwa Abuja. Photo Credit: Nigeria Property Centre

Due to the district's unpopularity in the eyes of many, someone who hasn't been to Gaduwa could imagine it to be a rural, underdeveloped location that hasn't yet been settled by humans, but Gaduwa is a lovely area with first-rate road systems despite being a modestly developing district in the center of the Federal Capital Territory. The region is bordered to the north by Gudu, to the east by Apo Dutse, to the south by Lokogoma, and to the west by Duboyi. Gaduwa may be connected to the Central Business District in only ten to fifteen minutes. 

 Gaduwa is mostly a residential area with many estates. There are also government offices, hospitals, schools, churches, malls, and shopping centres in the neighbourhood. The majority of the residents in the area are people with stable incomes, making it easier for them to pay reasonable rent in the neighbourhood.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts - Gaduwa, Abuja NCDC National Reference Laboratory. Photo Credit: NCDC, Twitter Page

The fact that the NCDC National Reference Laboratory is in Gaduwa is very important to the people who live there. To make sure that lab diagnosis keeps getting better, the National Reference Laboratory encourages operational research and capacity building across the whole lab. They are in charge of making sure that high-quality laboratory services are available at all levels of health care. This is so that medical services for monitoring, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases can be provided.

The fact that well-known corporations like Shell, Total, NNPC, and NPI own the majority of the estates in the Gaduwa district is another noteworthy feature of it. Elegant and durable residences have been built here. Members of the cooperative can buy homes with a mortgage because these groups own estates. This makes it easy for young people to become homeowners.

Another interesting thing about Gaduwa is that it is close to some of Abuja's most developed neighborhoods, like Maitama, Apo Dutse, and the Central Business District. This neighborhood is close to some of Abuja's most developed areas, which is one reason why beautiful new buildings are going up so quickly.

Leisure and Shopping

Leisure and Shopping - Gaduwa, Abuja Citrus Mall. Photo Credit: Greenline Agency, Twitter page

Within the neighborhood, Gaduwa Shopping Mall is a nice spot to shop. The mall has a lot of stores, such as pharmacies, beauty salons, restrooms, bakeries, boutiques, and computer cafes. The mall also has a bar and a lounge where you can unwind with your friends over a bottle of an ice-cold beverage while watching football. The mall features a strong security system and ample parking space.

To get what you need, you can also choose to stroll into the Prince Ebeano supermarket. It is among Abuja's top one-stop shops. The store has a wide variety of groceries, home goods, stationery, electronics, cosmetics, wine, children's clothes, snacks, and items from a busy village market, and the prices are very low on almost everything; It also has a pharmacy attached to it. They keep a great staff on hand, and they have enough parking for over 100 cars.

Citrus Mall is another spot to go shopping. At the entrance to Gaduwa Estate, there is a state-of-the-art mall. There are numerous shops in the mall. The tailorShopNigeria, Graceland supermarket, Drugmart pharmacy, Esebell travel agency, Ask-More supermarket, and a number of other companies can be found at Citrus Mall. Citrus Mall provides ample parking as well as comprehensive security.

The Gudu market is another spot to go shopping in the Gaduwa area. It sells a lot of fresh food items and is well known for selling authentic electronics.

Popular Estates

Popular Estates - Gaduwa, Abuja Shell CoopEast Garden Estate. Photo Credit: google photos

The Gaduwa Housing Estate was constructed by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. The estate consists of bungalows, apartment complexes, and duplexes. It is a wonderful area to live in and has lovely landscaping. It is a neat, safe estate with clean water and power available for 20 hours a day. The extremely secure estate is home to many government officials.

NNPC Cooperative Estate is one of the estates in Gaduwa that has had the fastest expansion. As the name suggests, the NNPC cooperative society owns the estate. The estate is appropriately gated and well-secured. The structures on the estate are elegantly constructed and furnished. They have efficient drainage systems and good road networks. The estate is a very serene and lovely setting to raise a family.

When it comes to administration and planning, Shell CoopEast Garden Estate stands out as one of the estates in Abuja. It is a fantastic place to live. Three-bedroom buildings, four-bedroom terrace duplexes, and a penthouse make up the buildings found in the estate. The estate has a large football field, a strong security system, reliable power, and a mini-mart.

The cost of homes and land in Gaduwa is fair. If you choose to live here, you'll also benefit from how close the district is to the Abuja Central Area. In addition, this is the perfect time to buy a property in the Gaduwa neighborhood, as new housing projects are quickly sprouting up there.

Day Life

Day Life - Gaduwa, Abuja Prixair Buka. Photo Credit: Prixair Buka,Facebook page

De Tribes Restaurant and Cafe not only makes delicious meals, but it also offers catering services. African and continental cuisine is represented on the menu in the form of meals like white rice and stew, jollof rice, oha soup, and bitter-leaf soup. They also offer delicious and fresh palm wine. Burgers, meat pies, and doughnuts are some other options for snacks. Delivery services are also available for those who order from De Tribes Restaurant online.

Additionally, Gaduwa is home to Prixair Bukka. At Prixair Bukka, you can get fried rice, eba, goat meat, assorted with their amala, and ewedu with gbegiri, among other things. Simply put, their food has the best flavor. The setting is tidy and welcoming. The ambiance is excellent. It is thoughtfully furnished and well-organized. The personnel exhibit great levels of professionalism and are well-mannered.

Gaduwa also has the Respire Health Kitchen, where you may get a nutritious lunch. One healthy meal at a time, this restaurant transforms lives. To encourage people to eat healthy, they offer a variety of healthy meals and help with meal planning.

Night Life

Night Life - Gaduwa, Abuja Ecoh Lounge. Photo Credit:

The Brookville Hotel and Suites is a popular destination, particularly after dark. The Brookville Hotel & Suites provides visitors and event hosts with a cozy, secure, and safe environment. The hotel has a meeting room, a restaurant, bars, and lounges. Most guests stay away at night, grooving out to hit songs in the lounge and taking in the tranquility of the surroundings.

From Gaduwa, you can literally drive to the Ecoh Lounge at Gudu in 5 minutes. The Echo Lounge is the ideal place to catch up with friends, business associates, or coworkers. The lounge can be turned into a lively club with the help of cocktail shakers and loud music. The exquisite wines, sophisticated cocktails, and delicious appetizers and main dishes make for a memorable experience.


Schools - Gaduwa, Abuja Gaat International School. Photo Credit: Gaat Int., Facebook page

Gaat International School offers kids a secure, enjoyable, and structured environment while also giving them the best educational foundation possible to help them grow into well-informed, kind, and open-minded adults. Students in early childhood, elementary, and secondary grades attend school.

Additionally, the district is home to Greenpath Preparatory School, a place dedicated to academic excellence, exploration, and progress on all fronts—academically, physically, socially, culturally, emotionally, and in terms of character development. The school puts a lot of focus on the arts, math, science, technology, engineering, and social sciences because they all give students chances to be creative and succeed.

Also in Gaduwa is the Jodab International School. The school was established out of a strong desire to provide the Nigerian child with an excellent education, a strong sense of cultural identity, exposure to the latest ideas, and a strong moral foundation. The faculty and staff at the school are among the best in the industry and have laid a solid foundation for preparing Nigerian children for their future endeavors.

Benford International School, Olive Ville Schools, Right Step School, and Masantos Daycare Nursery and Primary School are some of the other schools in the neighborhood that provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing environment.

Real Estate

Do you want to know how much it would cost to live in Gaduwa? Here are the average property prices in Gaduwa, Abuja.

Some available property in Gaduwa

Carcass 4 Bedrooms Duplex, Gaduwa, Abuja, Terraced Duplex for Sale

4 bedroom terraced duplex for sale

 Gaduwa, Abuja
4 Bedroom Duplex with Bq, Gaduwa, Abuja, Terraced Duplex for Rent

4 bedroom terraced duplex for rent

 Gaduwa, Abuja
69,999,999 per annum
Newly Built 3 Bedroom Apartment, After Ncdc, Gaduwa, Abuja, Block of Flats for Sale

3 bedroom block of flats for sale

 After Ncdc, Gaduwa, Abuja

Residential land for sale

 Gaat School, Gaduwa, Abuja
4 Bedroom Detached Duplex with 2 Room Bq, Gaduwa, Abuja, Detached Duplex for Sale

4 bedroom detached duplex for sale

 Gaduwa, Abuja